Cosmpiercers: Problems and an Ambitious Proposal



  • CubeyCubey Member Posts: 326 ✭✭✭
    I like both 1A and 1B. 1C might be too much. 1B also creates potential problems with resource farms, but resource farms are a problem to begin with and obviously not how the game was meant to be played.

    2C is a good idea. I'd even expand it and just make SHIP WARP available for everyone as soon as any given cosmpiercer is open or under attack. Getting there was always the biggest hassle and this would handily eliminate the problem.

    The ship warp change also eliminates problems with Wormhole. Heartstart is too powerful but it's solved by giving it a cooldown, so 3B.

    I already said we are having too many cosmpiercers per day, so something like 4A is just me restating my earlier preferences.
  • junojuno Member Posts: 11
    Coming from the standpoint of a casual player (I probably spend 1-2 hours a day grinding at something before I either log off or seek out RP), my marks account has never dipped above 100k, I hover somewhere between 50-80k. My point being I am reluctant to engage with the cosmpiercer model in its current form because it's way too expensive. I could take 1 really bad hit and then basically spend the next week or so casually grinding up and earning enough marks to go back and try it again. Ideally there would be a large enough player population to support the factional reimbursements, but from what I see that's not the case. And if there is factional reimbursement, it's carried on the back of 1-2 players-- this isn't sustainable.

    Personally I'd be in favor of leaving everything the way it is if only to give time for more people to get their feet with and get some sort of idea on how to interact with this system but putting a temporary system, maybe something similar to the current insurance system but have the insurance companies also include a marks transfer of the estimated costs for refitting your ship (I dunno how to calculate this, perhaps taking an average value currently on the market?). Either way, you won't really catch me volunteering to fly out to a Cosmpiercer right now given the risk doesn't seem to come with a reward that I can personally profit from, and I'll probably bow out when I've given HETE about 5k.

    @Cubey -- I am just realizing who you played and wanted to reach out to say I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. While our characters didn't interact a ton, you definitely brightened my experience in Celestine..
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    On the other hand the faction reimbursements sustained pretty well so far, that is without even placing taxes! But then all IRE organizations by nature are tax heavens. And it is really not only on the back of 1-2 players. Some people support far more then others yes but then it is part of the RP in a sense. 

    The reward comes after you capture enough of the cosmpiercers and then a time of relative peace strikes. That is a long term investment but some people seem to desire either minimal losses or great gains in short time. And along the stacking captures and cosmpiercer benefits, factions offer their own rewards to promote one activity or another. Clone and insurance costs are pretty low, and the most hit you could get is that your ship could be overloaded with cargo and destroyed in a PvP zone. Those who lose large ships can put those marks back fast enough. 

    In the end cosmpiercers are a community activity and people should not look from the perspective of individual. Losses and problems cause your governments to be motivated to find solutions as well. Right now dying in a cosmpiercer would only hurt someone's pride, not their accounts. Maybe one can even see it as a time loss, which is why it is a promoted activity. 

    Alternatively we can follow the path of Aetolia ylem battles where there are no losses, some gains which does nothing to impact economy or RP. Essentially a minigame to keep interested PvPers engage each other which most of the time ends with the numerous party to win if the other side shows at all.

    Time and again the old thought that reducing the costs of activities would endorse those activities fails because the activity itself practically becomes desensitized from the world. Let me say this, if there was none or extremely minimal losses then why should one care about developing policies regarding military and economy? Why should one motivate others to do certain activities? 
  • junojuno Member Posts: 11
    Solid points here Zhulkarn. I was coming from it from a standpoint of 'if I lost 40k worth of things, that'd be about half my marks account' frame of mind. I can appreciate the argument of peace is the reward, time and again I've praised the RP environment and your post is a reminder to me that these community conflict devices are still RP points and makes me remember to include RP rewards too. Thanks!
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