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Pathfinder for Nexus

Hello again everyone!

Here's another Nexus package for you. I renovated Iniar's Nexus pathfinder for Achaea for Starmourn. Now you can pathfind including station transfers, voidgates, and ptps, yay! Elevators work too, but I haven't implemented many of them yet. The pathfinder is aware of jogging and nano rush.

RF <search> to Room Find vNums by the room's title
PG <vNum> path to a vNum.
PG <alias> a bunch of pre-fab aliases for AREAS ALL and main stations exist. Not incredibly complete yet.

Khayrat, Bakal, and Ixodon for some reason do not exist in IRE's XML,, so I just included 3 dummy rooms to correspond to their transport rooms.

CORS-anywhere is pretty hit-and-miss, unfortunately Nexus' CORS policy does not extend to the map URL, so it will have to be CORS-anywhere in the meantime. If you're a dev and reading this, a CORS policy for the map URL would be great!

Hi, I'm Ata. Oh and maybe some other people, too. o:) Check out my various packages for Nexus: Vuu combat system, Global Pathfinder, Slicer Tools, Ship compass, JS from command line, Vitals Tracker, and Equipment Manager.


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