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Slicer Tools - Hacking Suite for Nexus

Okay this is probably my last Nexus package for awhile. I’ve been sitting on this one for some time, but I finally got around to some last tuneups.

Introducing Slicer Tools! This is a complete hacking suite with a bunch of tools to help defeat ICE, check the current password hint against a dictionary of 370,000 words, collect and manage a database of terminals, know exactly when they’ll be ready to hack again and receive notices, and easily pathfind back to them! It is also fairly user friendly, with its various settings and syntax completely accessible from the front-end.

When you encounter a terminal (excluding Cosmpiercer terminals by default), SLT will add it to its database of terminals. SLT DISPLAY <ALL|NEARBY/HERE|level|level_range|area> [READY] will let you search the database. After awhile, you’ll have something that looks like this.


Hacking timers will be tracked and you’ll be notified when one is ready again. You can link backdoor terminals so they’re on the same timer and are gagged from the display. You can click on the vNum to pathfind! If you have my Nexus pathfinder installed, the pathfinding works whereever you happen to be. If you don’t, it will just try to use in-game WALK TO <vnum>, which won’t work unless you’re in the same area. So, yeah, install my pathfinder.

Inside the commsphere, SLT will auto-attack ICE by default. You can SLT SET AUTOHACK FALSE if you don’t want this (or the shorthand AUTH to toggle autohacking on and off). It uses a target priority which you can view (SLT ICE) and modify (SLT ICEPRIO <ice> <integer>). SLT uses a threat formula to determine whether the room is too threatening to initiate attacking. You can change the threshold with SLT SET THREAT_THRESHOLD <integer>. The formula looks like this:

threat = ( ( aggros + ( replicating * 1.5 ) ) * ( 1 + glitches ) ) * ( 1 + ( ( scanners * 2 ) + honeypots ) )

If you want to use autohacking but don’t have overwrite yet, SLT SET USE_OVERWRITE FALSE. Check PASS to lookup the current password hint in the dictionary.

There are a bunch of other commands which I won’t cover here. Use “SLT” for a full list.

Hi, I'm Ata. Oh and maybe some other people, too. o:) Check out my various packages for Nexus: Vuu combat system, Global Pathfinder, Slicer Tools, Ship compass, JS from command line, Vitals Tracker, and Equipment Manager.


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