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  • stardhammastardhamma Posts: 1Member
    edited November 2018
    Elgan Engineer. Haven’t played a MUD in a while since Achaea. Very interested!
  • KoldKold Posts: 1Member
    Krona Nanoseer!
  • AsmothAsmoth Posts: 16Member
    If I was able to play Beta I would be a Human Scoundrel.  I know that's probably a boring combination, but it's what I would play.
  • VanadiumVanadium Posts: 1Member
    Glad to see so many different combinations! I'd love to play a W'hoorn Engineer.
  • GrimscarGrimscar Posts: 1Member
    Jin Fury. I believe it would be quite an interesting role to roleplay through. With Jin's warrior nature paired with the combat Fury brings to the table it would be an art work to write out in story.
  • KanashioKanashio Posts: 1Member
    Elgan  Engineer!
  • LivingDynamoLivingDynamo Posts: 2Member
    Female Shen Fury for me!
  • PlasmaPlasma Posts: 1Member
    Human engineer.

  • senorbilliamsenorbilliam Posts: 1Member
    Human BBEEAASSTT. Am so ready and so excited
  • stardustwanderluststardustwanderlust Posts: 1Member
    Decheeran fury, tree with an axe to grind....
  • JesusmodJesusmod Posts: 3Member
    It might sound generic, but I randomrolled for it. Human Nanoseer for sure.
  • VizarianVizarian Posts: 2Member
    W'hoorn Fury sounds like it might be something for me!
  • ArchivistArchivist Posts: 1Member
    Elgan Fury seems charming.
  • charcanecharcane Posts: 1Member
    hoping me and my friends get in, going jin engineer
  • RothareRothare Posts: 66Member ✭✭
    edited November 2018
    Edit: I changed my mind again. There are so many choices and I want to try every combo, but after a bunch of different decisions, I decided for me even though it goes against my whole human master race/I love lions ideal, I decided that the most interesting race/class for me is Krona Fury!!!

    Fury because it's supposed to be difficult and cool as hell! Krona love tattoos and are crude, and I love tattoos and hate political correctness and a ton of other stuff Krona like/dislike! There is so much you can roleplay as a krona and its magnificent! Also, they seem like a less chosen race so that's a big factor

    I can be crude and relentless and do what I want and not feel too bad because, guess what, that's how we Krona roll! I also want to be a large weapons manufacturer(that may do some illegal stuff on the side*nudge nudge*)

    I want to RP a character that is morally good yet crude, but as he starts making a name for himself starts making some morally bad choices and in the end struggles with his inner self and eventually decides what he wants, whether its good or bad.

    I'm so excited, and I'm stepping out of my bubble a bit with this race choice, but it will all be worth it and I'm so excited to hopefully get in the beta and if not, for December!! <3
  • YaelYael Posts: 1Member
    Definitely thinking about playing a Decheeran nanoseer or B.E.A.S.T.!
  • KaiuKaiu Posts: 1Member
    I would like to try a human scoundrel, please.
  • abdullah_mohammadabdullah_mohammad Posts: 1Member
    I want to join the beta please
    i want to be a male
    krona B.E.A.S.T.

  • knucklesknuckles Posts: 3Member
    In the future Starmourn is the greatest game ever made, so I traveled back in time to play from launch! I am excited to play an Elgan Nanoseer and form the greatest clan of rogues the Starmourn Sector has ever seen. Huzzah!!
  • OcarinaEsmerOcarinaEsmer Posts: 1Member
    Decheeran Nanoseer
  • KixKix Posts: 25Member ✭✭
    Human Scoundrel!
  • KaerriKaerri Posts: 1Member
    Krona Nanoseer
  • BazeetusBazeetus Posts: 1Member
    Elgan Eengineer :)
  • TeotwaukiTeotwauki Posts: 13Member
    Nusriza Egineer!
  • FirezenFirezen Posts: 1Member
    Jin Nanoseer
  • IroncrownIroncrown Posts: 2Member
    Hey guys. I want to apply too. I want to play a Shen Nanoseer. XD
  • xolphorenxolphoren Posts: 1Member
    Krona B.E.A.S.T. !
  • HylebosHylebos Posts: 4Member
    I really can't wait to get creating all sorts of things with an Elgan Engineer!!
  • DeltrionDeltrion Posts: 9Member
    Amaian Fury! Ive been pumped for this game ever since I saw it. Lets rock!
  • AlishiaAlishia Posts: 9Member
    edited November 2018
    So my first choice was going to be a Robot B.E.A.S.T, but CAPT CHA says no robots can sign up. /joke

    So I present:

    Aleshia Shirantir
    Elgan Exterminator (Scoundrel)

    "Yas can't be fliting all overs without picking up pests and stowaways. If you have an infestation of five-limbed critters then I'm your gal."
    "Don't yas dare tell me that the Empyreals weren't prankers. Have you never seen a Nabian?"

    Triggers: Any Nabian who smugly pats their own back.

    Favorite Charity: Tohs for Tohts.

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