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  • Re: Q+A Madness - January 2018

    Traveler said:
    What about a limit of retirement credits that can be spent? Like, being able to spend... 50? 100? credits initially, and then be able to spend the rest after 1 year. Just throwing that out there. I have no retirement credits, but I can understand how people who do would feel.
    That's not a bad idea as a compromise actually. We'll consider it!
  • Re: Release

    Nope! When it's ready. When we think we're 1-2 months out, we'll likely announce that though.
  • Re: Can we talk about the Sexbot bar.

    Kulhu said:
    I may have to just because of the image. 
    Well, space can get very lonely!
  • Starship Combat!

    I just put up two new pages on the Starmourn site - Starship Combat, and Starship Death and Replacement - that lays out a bunch of how starship combat and death works!
  • Q+A Madness - January 2018

    Hello everyone!

    Thought I would spend the afternoon answering any questions you may have about Starmourn! Feel free to post up comments and questions below and I'll do my best to answer them!

    I'm sure the #1 question on your mind is "When are we opening?" - Soon! Most of our for-launch mechanical systems are all coded up now, but there's still a lot of content still to create before we'll be ready to launch. So when we're comfortable with how everything is looking, we'll start getting people in to play!

    Let's see those questions!

  • Small tales with character.

    I was thinking that maybe some people who have a clear character concept in mind would like to share a bit of background or something. With that in mind, I'll start off with a short little something to portray Cen.

    A young woman sits hunched over a work bench, completely focused on the task in front of her. The room is dimly lit, save for the bright light that illuminates the immediate spot in front of her. Grease tracks streak across her light blue short-sleeved top, as if she has used it to wipe off dirt from her fingers, or possibly massaged a sore spot on her lower back without realizing she will cause a stain. Her coverall has been pulled down to her waist, the arms used to tie it in place above her hips. This, too, shows stains and rips from wear and tear, with bottom hems frayed near the heel as if being stepped on often.

    Pausing in her work for a moment, she raises the back of her hand to her forehead, wiping away some sweat. The motion continues up into the long blond hair, which streaks back across her scalp in a mohawk fashion, nudging a few stray strands of hair out of the way. Gripped between her fingers is a small silvery wire, which seems to roll up into a coil in her palm. 

    Cen shifts a little in her seat, rolls a shoulder, then leans forward to peer through a mounted looking glass. Once more, she slides the soldering iron in place, adjusting the flux-tipped end to rest against the nearby component before dabbing with the thread of solder against it. Smoke rises for a moment, but clears quickly with a puff of air that passes her lips. Shifting the soldering iron out of the way to get a better look, Cen lets out a disgruntled, "Bah!", as she notices her mistake. She had just secured the wrong wire. Correct spot this time, but it would still short-circuit the bloody thing. Frustrated, she tosses her tool away across the bench, perhaps just a little bit too carelessly.

    The hot end of the soldering iron rolls away and comes to a stop against a forgotten wad of grease-stained rags. It doesn't take long before the combination causes a rather spectacular result. In a whoosh, the cloth lights up with a green flame, which then spreads rapidly in the other direction, as a spill of some kind has only been hastily wiped up. "Oi!" In startled panic, Cen shoots up from her seat, tossing the solder away as she rushes over towards the fire. Undoing the knot of her overall, she wrests a sleeve free and furiously begins patting at the flames.

    Sadly, this only exasperates the fire, as whatever was dumped on the bench has also soaked into the coverall. With a shrill-sounding "Eep!", the young woman lets go of the now-burning sleeve and instead begins to tug at the few remaining buttons. Fumes rise from the green-tinged flames, causing her to cough as she struggles to free herself of her burning clothes. Once she can allow them to fall to the ground, she stomps energetically all over them, puffs of smoke rolling out from underneath the pile.

    Standing in her underwear and a greasy top, she slumps her shoulders and looks back at the work bench. The fuel there has already been exhausted with nothing having been damaged by the initial mistake. Her eyes travel back to the charred clothes at her feet and she rolls her eyes. "Well shoot, there goes another one," she grumbles, stomping off towards her sleeping quarters.

  • Tradeskills in Starmourn

  • Re: Let's talk trade skills

    There'll be an upcoming blog post on what trade skills we'll have for launch!
  • Re: Q+A Madness - October 2017

    Qitorien said:
    Someone (not me) wanted to know if s/he will be able to marry him-/herself (not me myself...I swear.) As a follow up, will there be any mechanical changes or benefits for marriage/civil union?

    also, I just realized the unintentional pun I made with my previous post...I wish it had been intentional, lol.
    No self-marriages, but we'll be offering polygamous marriages.
  • Re: constructing a ship

    Everyone will have a spaceship even from the getgo so I’m sure at least the most basic ships will be easily accessible.