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New time

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I don't really play Starmourn at the moment but I still keep up with the news (and make sure my factories don't disappear) and I just noticed the game was changed so instead of 1 RL day = 1 ingame month, it's 1 RL day = 4 ingame days.

Thank you.

Thank you so much. You have no idea how long did I hope for a change like that to happen in, well, any IRE game at all, and once again Starmourn's devs prove they're not afraid to do things different just because that's how every other IRE mud did it in the past.

The usual timescale of 1 day = 1 ingame month is ridiculous, it means if you leave the game for a few days then literal ingame months pass and your character ages for decades during only a year of gameplay. This is not conductive to roleplay and turns every character who has been around for a while into an apathetic immortal who lived for hundreds of years but does on average one thing per week and spends the rest of that time asleep or something.

There are games where this works but Starmourn, being a sci-fi one, is not one of them. I'm glad this was recognized and changed to something more reasonable.

Well done.


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    One in-game day passing every real life hour made sense in Achaea, because every hour we got a chance to experience the cycle of sunrise, noon, sunset, nighttime. Starmourn, being set in space, has no day/night cycle (or weather), so there's little point in accelerating the time so much.
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