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Scatterfest 2: The Second Coming - today!


Just a reminder that Scatterfest is today at sync! 

Get your butts down to Gravity for some of the hottest acts in the sector, a rainbow tesseract opening, a ridiculously good prize draw, goodie bags and many fun RP times. 

I'd the bands proponent will be an hour, (and it can't go over or I'm responsible for losing people popularity and money heh) and then the prize-giving and tesseract party maybe another 30 minutes and there's usually some RP afterwards with all the excitment. So I'd allow 2 hours from start to finish.

If anyone causes trouble I WILL KILL YOU. I've worked my butt off for this event, and so have all the performers, so be nice plz. Thx. Stinkbombers will be stink-eyed and eviscerated at a later date without warning (but srsly please don't, or wait til after the things, I'm stressing).

Lineup is:

Orrin Omnifarious / K0NF3KTI0N -  Orrin Moonchild and Keiko T'rath, who will also be presenting!

One Elgan and his Humor Optimizer - Jile's stand-up comedy gig!

Red//Strike - Sazabi Redstrike and his B.E.A.S.T. suit, Big Red.

AlgoRhythm - Hope Moonchild's multifaceted musical delight.

Voidwitch - The enigmatic Scatterwitch herself: Poet

Bionic Heart! - A brand new NPC band headlining - who are taking the sector by storm after a quick rise to immense fame. (Thank you Saio!)

Running order:

Sync -30mins > Sync - Hand out goodie bags to people who arrive.
Sync - Bands (in the order listed above - PLEASE get there a little early if you can, as we got a lot to pack in to the hour so I need to get started on time)
Sync +1 - Prize draws (you need to have been there from before the end of the first band to qualify for the draws).
After that, probably Sync +1.5ish - Tesseract opening!!!

If you're unfamiliar with rainbow tesseract opening - for each rainbow tesseract that's opened every person in the room gets a promo prize, which could be artifacts, special items, credits, marks, lessons etc. So even if you don't come to the show I'd recommend just being present for the tesseract opening time (but come to the gig too because it will be great)!

Please read the news posts below for details on prizes and stuff.

I hope to see you all there!

Orrin <3
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