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Soza's Leveling Guide (And NEWBIECHALLENGE Guide)

We're gonna run through this Quick and Dirty, Get all these ideas that level 75 challenge isnt doable within 30 days for a new player cause with this leveling guide. Youre gonna be 750 credits richer starting out.

(side note, there is probably even more optimal routes than this but im just sharing mine.)

Section 1: AREAS
level-------------------------------- Area
05-10-------------------------------Southern Usum, Stick to the forest area
10-15-------------------------------Southern Usum, Stick to the lake area
15-20-------------------------------Whittler's Hallow
20-30-------------------------------Goribar Farm
30-40-------------------------------Goribar Farm *See note 1
50-75-------------------------------New Dikimazi
70-75-------------------------------Ixsei, New Dikimazi

Section 2: STATS

No matter what your class is, You should put 50 Lifeforce, Then max out Regen, After that take note of what damage your main skills are using and max out your main damage stat.

An example would be something like this *See note 2

----------------------------------< Player stats >-----------------------------------
Stat            Base      Assigned  Rewards   Bonuses   Artifacts Total     Effective
Psyche          150       250               0         5              0         265       301
Techcraft      150       0                   0         5              0         155       155
Lifeforce       150       122               0         5              0         405       238
Evasion         150       0                   0         5              0         155       155
Regen           150       250               0         5              0         405       301

Section 3: NEWBIECHALLENGE *See note 3
In the newbiechallenge you have 3 main objectives:

Level:                         (1/75)
Deposited comms:     (0/300)
Battle Participation:    (0/25)

Your main focus should be getting your battle participation out of the way, as it is a challenge that requires you to get a spar once a day. Multiple duels will not count for this challenge and you can use the command COOLDOWNS to check when you are able to duel again. You may also get completion for this challenge by participating in COSMPIERCERS and ARENA EVENTS like FFA, or RAMPAGE. I would highly suggest anytime you see a FFA or a RAMPAGE that you hop onto it Immediately.

Your secondary focus should be getting to level 75, to achieve this goal You can follow the leveling area I put above, or you can have a friend help you level.

Your third focus should be getting the commodities, I put this as third focus as you dont want to spend time getting commodities that you can just buy with the marks you will get from leveling to 75 if it is going to eat up alot of your time you could be spending getting to level 75. Once at 75, you should look to complete this challenge either by collecting them in your ship or just buying them and depositing them to your faction. (I chose to just buy and deposit but its up to you.)

Section 4: NOTES

*Note 1: Level 30-40 Is quite terrible, Its probably the hardest gap in game. I would very highly suggest asking for someone of higher MIL(level) to party level with you at a place like New Dikimazi

*Note 2: The stats you see here are from my leveling of a nanoseer, for you I would suggest asking someone of your class what your main damage stat is and making an informed decision

*Note 3: There were some negative responses to the challenge at first, mostly such stating that it would be impossible to complete for a veteran let alone a newbie I wrote up this guide to dispel that thought.

Day 14 of the challenge for me, I had 10 duels left to do, with a total of 4days 12hours put in. this would mean If I were to have just put in roughly 3 hours and 30 min a day Id have achieved it within the 30 day requirement. Any day that you put in more time than 3 hours and 30 min is less days it will take you to complete the challenge. I completed this challenge while working 12 hour shifts and 46+ hours a week. This challenge should be easily doable for most people.

ENDING NOTE: Its a game, Have fun. Don't be afraid to ask for help.


  • Thank you for putting this together!

    I finished on my 14th day, I believe I was the third person to complete it. One thing I'll add, which I've told every person who's asked in game, is that quests can drastically speed up the leveling process, especially in the awful 30-40 range. Find quests that can be done quickly and are level appropriate, then do them pretty much every time they don't show up on COOLDOWNS. I'm about halfway to getting my sixth talent point at the time of this writing and I'd estimate that more than 2/3 of my post-75 xp is from quests rather than killing things.

    But also, yes, definitely ask for help. Especially while the challenge is active, a lot of established players are giving away experience chips and/or taking low level characters hunting to help them out.
  • This is so great Soza!!! 
  • I'll add that there are quests available starting level 50, and especially at 60 something, that provide great experience per hour.

    Quests generally, exploration, hacking, and ships can wait, if you're trying to complete the challenge.
  • Thanks for posting that guide, Soza, it's awesome. I just want to support your statement that it is definitely possible for an experienced player - you're not just an outlier.

    I am approaching 14 days (I think it's 14 on Saturday or Sunday, but I lost track). I am level 65, with most of my battle events completed, but none of the commodities. I'm pretty sure I will finish a few days slower than Soza but still with plenty of time to go.

    There are several newcomers to Starmourn playing at similar times to me and many of us have been giving them advice. One in particular has kept up with me most of the way so far, so I'm confident it is achievable for newbies as well as experienced players.

    Addendum to Soza's Guide:

    Experience Chips
    The December promo involves lots of freebies. If you track down Ironbeard's ship and spend a few minutes on the home world that it currently orbits, you get free gifts. These are often experience chips, which you can 'socket' in your armour to gain double experience gain for three hours. So make sure you take a few minutes to find Ironbeard each day and collect those rewards. Save any chips you find for a time when you can dedicate 3 solid hours to hunting - it really is a great boost. Many people have been giving them away to newbies as well. The community is fantastic and really wants as many people as possible to succeed at this.

    Weapon Power
    Upgrade your weapon(s) often. The power level is the biggest contributor to your damage. If you haven't found one in a drop for a while and you think your current one is underpowered, ask around for a 'token' and help on where you can redeem it for a new weapon. Weapons requisitioned this way are almost always the best possible for your level and trying to hunt an area with an underpowered weapon is frustrating at best.

    Last thing - the lucrative quests that Steve refers to at 60-something are actually available at level 59, even though the area itself is rated for higher levels and doesn't show up in 'areas' at level 59. Just head to a place called 'Thait' and talk to the first NPC you see on arrival. Be careful killing stuff here though as you won't survive any mistakes you make. The quest rewards are worthwhile though.
  • This is awesome. We'll include a link to this guide in our next newsletter. Thanks, Soza! 
  • Also do remember that some players may attack you if you hunt the Bushraki in New Dikamazi.

    Orchids and Mechs are fair game though!
  • Also do remember that some players may attack you if you hunt the Bushraki in New Dikamazi.

    Orchids and Mechs are fair game though!

    WOW SPOILERS! Let them go to the area and read the signs/be warned about it by the players to entertain the rp of the zone flip gosh!

    [[napoleon dynamite gosh gif]]
  • I'm here to share how little I've slept

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