Good Vibrations!



  • ReelocReeloc Posts: 8Member
    You acknowledge Teithedir in greeting.
    Teithedir sings a little song. "I would live five hundred years, and I would live five hundred more, just to be the tree that lived a thousand years to give you plants galore."

    These Decheerans, man.

  • CelCel Posts: 30Member
    Yam hypersquares rule!

    I gush a lot in game, but it's mostly because of all the awesome people I've been allowed to meet here.

    Not to mention Starmourn is shaping up to be something I will try to improve in every way I can!
  • CubeyCubey Posts: 221Member ✭✭✭
    I usually have only critical things to say but I'm glad with the amount of feedback we get from the devs. Makes you feel like what you're saying is being listened to and doesn't just fall into the void, y'know?
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