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  • RocketCatRocketCat Member Posts: 178 ✭✭✭
    Level uncapping / Area scaling
    Can't change my answer, but on reconsideration I'd switch to economy, for many of the same reasons others have mentioned.
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  • PaquPaqu Member Posts: 64 ✭✭
    Other PvP games
    I only picked the PVP option because I felt like the Cosmpiercer - which is our most direct source of group PVP - is kinda dead at the moment. But then again, I did say in the cosmpiercer thread that the main source of that problem was the population of the game. There simply isn't enough in other factions to group PVP with. And I think, maybe - just maybe - the best way to garner more players for the game is to give the players one of the most marketed pitch about the game - a fully functioning player driven economy. So I'd change my answer to the Economy one too if I could.
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  • IlyosIlyos Administrator, Moderator Posts: 96 Starmourn staff
    Close call here, but with a few of you moving your votes to Economy, I do believe the big winner is: Additional Economy Activities / Tradeskills. Stay tuned for updates regarding this!
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