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ZheZhe Posts: 4Member
Hey everyone! Just now making my way to checkout Starmourn, and am curious to hear about how the different classes stack up in PvE. Are they all even? Are some better than others?


  • EMDAEMDA Posts: 32Member
    The classes all roughly have parity in terms of overall effectiveness, I'd say. There are a few slight differences, but you won't be terribly set back by whatever you choose. If you want the absolute fastest bashing right now I think that's still safely Engineer, which comes along with a heaping side of class utility for whatever faction you roll into. Scoundrel and Fury both come with the caveat that they'll be a little underwhelming without substantially more lessons sunk into their class skills compared to a few of the other classes.
  • RocketCatRocketCat Posts: 91Member ✭✭✭
    My two cents? Nano will get you the fastest 75 with the shortest amount of playtime IG, Engineer will get you the fastest 75 in the shortest time IRL. As EMDA mentioned, PvE TTKs for all classes are really close. But Engineer's bashing advantage is having no/very little downtime. As for Nano: after level 50 there are a gajillion quests which will give you in 10 minutes twice a day what you'll need to bash for 3 hours for. Nano can complete more of these quests with greater ease and faster thanks to INVISIBILITY and NANO RUSH.
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  • GrekGrek Posts: 49Member ✭✭✭
    Engineer gets noticeably better bashing than other classes, if you use turret control. Nanoseer has noticeably better questing, if you use invisibility.
  • MatlkaelMatlkael Posts: 306Member ✭✭✭
    Yep! There are better classes, but the gap between all of them is very thin. That being said, Engineer may be the most newbie-friendly of the lot.
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  • ZheZhe Posts: 4Member
    Sweet! You guys rock. I am currently a Nano so sounds like I'm not in a bad spot, but maybe Engineer is worth a try down the road. We'll see! Look forward to seeing you guys around in game
  • ZheZhe Posts: 4Member
    Side note actually, I played Starmourn for a few weeks upon the release but wanted to give it some time to settle in. How does the grind compare to then? Any nerfs or buffs either way? I know it will be somewhat easier without 300 players fighting over the hunting areas but wondering how the actual grind stacks up in comparison now. 
  • DeltrionDeltrion Posts: 10Member
    The grind isn't so bad compared to other IRE games imo, but others might have different opinions. It's true without competition the pace is much nicer. Be sure to find the daily quests per hunting zone and do them as much as possible, especially as you get into your 50's and higher. The higher end hunting zones have wind up attacks that'll end up with you making a new clone if you don't interrupt them, though.
  • MatlkaelMatlkael Posts: 306Member ✭✭✭
    The experience curve in Starmourn is less steep. That is, early levels might feel longer than other IREs, but the later levels will feel shorter.
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