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Economy Miscellaneous Bugs

edited April 2019 in Feedback
Over the course of the past few days I have had the chance to interact with the refining and manufacturing. here is a list of a few things that are amiss

1) Refinery/ Autofactory speed/ cost gains
There is no way to track how much efficiency your refinery has gained (or I do not know about it)

2) Market offer Update
If you update an existing market offer, it acknowledges the updated quantity and price but it doesn’t reflect on market offer.

3) Creating Market offer on stations
If you are on a planet, there is no requirement to dock to create a market offer yet on a station you must dock to create an offer. It doesn’t add anything to the game

4) Question on NPC market orders
I never find some NPC market orders on things like stesium. This leads me to believe that new orders are not being created or that they are created but at a fixed time per day. This may potentially disadvantages players in other timezones 

5) Allow creation of market offers remotely if you have the requisite goods on the planet/ station 

6) Cargo Transfer - allow players to transfer cargo to each other on a given station. given the costs associated to storage, there should be an agreement to accept the transfer 


  • Nice questions.
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    Faction: Song Dominion
    Class: Engineer 

    note: I am always up for RP, antagonistic or friendly. If she's being a bitch, it's because you're from Scatterhome or she's trying to meet a deadline and has nothing to do with whether I want to RP with you or not. Thanks in advance for the RP!

  • Additional economy requests

    - allow offering goods from planets; currently only supported on stations 

    - kindly allow additional filtering options on CARGO CONTENTS (by material/ station)

  • Am I the only one who's autofactories don't produce marks while I'm online? Offline they work fine
  • While we're listing requests...

    Is it possible to search market orders/offers by item type? eg. MARKET ORDER LIST ALLOYS or similar for the type of thing you want? I mean, I don't think it happens now, but would this be possible to implement?

    It's a nice compromise between getting spammed when you just MARKET ORDER LIST, and doing a search for each battery type, for example.
  • You nailed the recipes right on the head with this latest one. HAHAHAH I love that there's a sheet titled 'SensorBS'.

    Fine work again!
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