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TinTin++ client setup, MepMoop

Utilizing TinTin++, terminator, sox for ship audio, three simultaneous screen layouts and anything I can weld in.

I'll get around to doing nightly builds rather than master-breaking quick commits. If you'd rather live on the edge of your pants and have it crash at least once a night, I recommend installing the staging branch. It is my hope with this announcement I can
stop worrying about how well it performs and just start posting a daily bloop with what changed.
Under heavy development, mepmoop,

I'm a new player so if anything doesn't make sense, or you want function foo to hit things with a Weber bar, let me know!

Some common commands that require explanation.

fixme = Because Starmourne is so vastly customized it's hard to prepare for every eventuality. If things are acting super funny, typing this command usually fixes it.

mode beast or mode nano = change your keypad into a bashing setup for a B.E.A.S.T. or nanoseer(low level, inexperienced)

<edited to add these important caveats>



  • Hours spent doing something the hard way? 7, hours solving my problem by adding Go? 1.

    There is now a statcruncher backend started. It'll output your hp as an animated colour bar if you use a csv-style prompt
    with the right spacing. Check the prompt.mep for syntax.

    HP is finished, and I'm working on a setup for plasma. I'll add all the resources and possibly an easy way to configure
    it later.

    Added a beast hunt mode for low level. Just gives you access to a keypad macro setup. `mode beast` or `mode nano` to enable it, then `+` sets up the number keys as attacks or heals, `-` unsets them so you can use number again. `m <targetnamegoeshere>` while in beast mode will make it so your attacks only focus that target, and clears up on slay, so you don't end up steamrolling and end up a steamed ham yourself.

    MMm...steamed yams.
  • Some things I'm thinking about:

    Improving the hunt system so you can tag with a tap of a key and entering its name.
    **this is a maybe, with the advent of how easy it was to add the life-bar, I'll probably
    end up taking the extra time to make a prettier NPC selector/categorizer and have
    hunt mode select from there when it is active. I'm thinking a blue and gold colour scheme for that**

    movement while hunting will probably end up being WSAD-like with a right-hand "JKLI" selector.

    Just needed to get that down so I remember it tomorrow.
  • Plasma levels for B.E.A.S.T. added to the statbar. If you have linux 64bit, the binary that lives in the main mepmoop folder will work fine, I suggest running the binary in the old prompt window. If you're not on linux 64bit, the statcruncher folder contains main.go, you can compile your own!

    I'm certain I've ironed out 99% of the things that will break the stat bar, which is exhilarating, but also an easy way to die.
  • Updated the plasma levels to show properly.

    Caught a number of parsing bugs for the statbar.

    Added a quick move set when you `move` and `unmove`, bound those to F7 and F8

    Added the ability to hunt a "COMMON" enemy. When in beast hunt mode, do a `c <YOURTARGET>`, now when you hit "/" it will hunter's mark the enemy you designated. The difference between this and marking normally is you can re-use the mark on something new, without the chance of hamrolling as it still clears the mark, but not the COMMON on slay.

    I'd like to thank every rodent in the Dregs for being the perfect place to test a setup that used to randomly decide to not tell you when your suit is on fire and there are rats in your eyes. A+ would burninate again.
  • The targeting system is almost ready. Just ironing out bugs.

    In the mean time, here's a bunch of patches. Including tt++ showing you what the heck is going on when you switch modes, or at least telling you that it's doing it. There's now a targeting mode, which will only show anything if you run the selector binary located in the main folder. You can tab through the items, "lock(which is having problems unlocking-ha)" on to targets, but it doesn't affect gameplay just yet. I want to make sure I've got the ghost entry problem nailed down before I tackle actually affecting gameplay any more than a set of commands that do nothing. As well there's still debug information showing and that's just not good.

    Most of today was just crunching out code, I'm pretty impressed with how much Go I managed on a day off.

    Questions, concerns, yams?

  • Targeting system is in beta! I built enough failsafes for now. One can only be so paranoid with something that you don't even really quite know how to use.


    As a rundown, you go "mode beast", then + to activate hunt mode, then 0 gets you into the targeting system, which runs in a separate window, 8 scrolls up in the list, 5, down, 7 turns on targeting, 9 turns it off, 4, unlocks from a target, and 6 locks on to a target, assigning it to your COMMON variable. Once you've chosen a target, hit 1 to go back to hunting mode, / targets whatever you have in COMMON as a TARGET for your 1-9 attacks. period gets you into movement mode,
    and - gets you out of all modes so your buttons calm tf down.

  • I should mention "mode beast" stays until you "mode nano"(your only other choice right now)

    The health bars only "work" for beast mode, the health bar is ambivalent, but the resource is not.

    Just for reference, the command to set the prompt correctly is as follows

    CONFIG PROMPT NORMAL @%health,@resource1,@%xp,@combat,@balance, | Doot
  • CelCel
    edited April 2019
    Stable release! Still to be considered Alpha as I'm actively finding bugs every day, they're just slowing down and we're hitting a bit of a cruising speed.

    The selector works, but it isn't perfect. Nothing will endanger your clone with this release. Which is why it's a release. Also it's pretty.

    Putting lipstick on B.E.A.S.T. exoskeletons and making them drink tea,

    To check it out, mode beast, + to engage Hunt Mode, then 0 to start selecting targets!

  • Numerous improvements to the selector! For one the default cursor is a lot less prominent, and differs greatly from the lock. As well, there's an indicator to tell you if you're actively locked to something, as you can't see your target if you're in the room without them.

    The dup-entry problem got a bugfix, so you don't have to start and stop the selector to clear anything. Have yet to see if the newest setup can be run in the background for an extended amount of time. I'll start it now and give an update if it can run continuously for at least six hours.

    Other than that, added an engineer mode, and am thinking up a different turret monitoring tool, so you can actively map and create a web of death in one swoop.
  • CelCel
    edited April 2019
    There's a quick one liner fix for the BEAST prompt in staging, which was not triggering the statbar correctly. Now you can have the statbar seamlessly switch between B.E.A.S.T. and Engineer modes with the same prompt listed above
  • CelCel
    edited April 2019
    The statbar still dies if you de-class, so I'll look into making that stick around to make everything seamless.

    Numerous fixes to the targeting system to make up for the fact that as an engineer, I always had three things in room at a minimum.

    I'm comfortable enough with the setup that I'm putting left+right hand BEAST mode through its paces. So far? Very effective. The hardest part was typing the macros and remembering wtf I was trying to map to. Try it! It was like trying to remap my toes to my nose. Very confusing.

    Forgot my keys.

    Adding a numerical aspect to the statbar tonight. I like hard numbers over chunky bars, but hard chunky bars? Mmmm....

  • The numerical aspect turned out to work best as a reactive bar. So now if you resize your statbar window, the bars change with it, and their values are calculated appropriately! Once I have the plasma bar and part bar worked out, I'll push to master. For now if you want a health, xp and combat combined stat bar with no numbers, grab the statbar executable from the staging branch.

    Left+Right beast mode needs some work. I think mainly a quick panic escape from move mode so you can talk. The current way out of it involves cancelling all your battle macros, plus there's a pause for speech, so it's not exactly easy to come back to exactly what you were doing. Currently if you just don't load the echo.mep as part of your default setup, there's no real lag.

    Since I'm expanding the Go sections of this, I'll look into having a sphinx-ian speech-to-text as well as a quick-out-type-and-back-to-fight-macro.

  • Bam! four reactive bars!

    B.E.A.S.T. will be the first type I'm going to develop this interface for, as I'm about to get to level 16 and don't feel like re-classing a third time.

    And that's probably it until tomorrow's update.

  • Your highly nerdy levels of excitement over MUD experience customization are intensely relatable.

    Hi, I'm Ata. Oh and maybe some other people, too. o:) Check out my various packages for Nexus: Vuu combat system, Global Pathfinder, Slicer Tools, Ship compass, JS from command line, Vitals Tracker, and Equipment Manager.
  • CelCel
    edited April 2019
    Here's an in process of me designing the hunting stat tracker I'm in the middle of making!

    The duplication of my statbar and the chat window is because I flip between working on this
    and actually MUDding and sometimes I forget to turn off the plasma taps on the ole' BEAST.

    I have another setup for ship stuff, but it's half baked right now and not ready for sharing.

    Shared MUD HYPE! Woooo!

    The stat bars were a heck of a thing. I had to do Maths to figure out how to create a bar that resizes
    and centers with your terminal. B- would algebra again.

    Also with this setup and build of the tools, I can hunt with two hands never leaving their home macro
    rows, tested for a few hours tonight! Woo!

    Also I put up a few pictures on the repo in the first post showing some of the customized battlespam I made.

  • Big update last night was on setup and use in the README.

    Working on a stat tracker today. I want to track hp, types of damage and how long it takes from engage to slay.

    It'll get more detailed as time goes on, right now I just want to see a hunting log notch thing that will get cleared each session.

    Eventually I might make it so the tracker can be launched with an interactive action so you can see details of your battles in a separate window and scroll through your marks.
  • Tonight's update brings us the Hunting Log!

    Below is a small table showing simple statistics about hunting spideraxes and mice.
    Currently I just want to know how many I've hunted down and what the average time is
    to slaying them. There's some error checking to tell if it was an unfinished fight, and the
    structure is there to track all damage types as well as a couple other things!

    Find it in the tools section of !
  • around 400 lines of code later, and it works awesomely! No more random adding mice to the pile!

    Refactoring, aaaah. Feels so good.
  • Going to take a few days off of development to do some testing. There are some non-obvious flaws that I've already managed to fix. Not to mention the fact that this is a PvE only setup.

    Some ideas on the backburner are, getting a set of targets in the hud and being able to select between the few to attack. Multiple target locks basically. Properly displaying harvested data from hunting logs. Having statbars show raw hitpoints in a percentile-based bar size.

    The rotation for hunting had a few things that were glaring, such as targeting disabling the full two-handed battle mode. That's fixed, but I want a more elegant fix that includes a generator for ability sets, so you can switch between them on the fly.

    And that's it for tonight.



    A fullscreen pic of my setup, including the statbars and selector. I've got a few open slots, not sure what I want to put in them yet. Started a loot tracker as well. I'll probably add a probe tracking system to it so you can expand and view the probe info of an item you have. I like keeping track of things.


    I uuuuh.. I uuuhh... I hooked my steam controller into my setup and now I can play from the couch. (wireless keyboard as well) Which is good, because my butt was hurting sitting on my computer chair so much. I will definitely have less time to do wonderful life choices such as this in the near future. So I may as well get as many terrible choices out of the way as quickly as possible.

    If anyone else has the inkling, the fix for linux steam controllers wireless mode is here.

  • I haven't tried this yet, but I did experiment with TinTin++ in the past. This looks so cool.
  • Let me know if it works out for you! If you have any questions, fire away!

    I have the types of .mep tied to one login script so I don't have to remember what I have enabled or disabled.
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