Classlead Changes Round 1

RocketCatRocketCat Posts: 48Member ✭✭
(6) * Added sensory status to Analyze
(8, 81) * Drain and Freeze messages altered a bit
(11) * Nanite generation is no longet strippable; applies to plasma generation too
(24) * Soothe now prioritises the most damaged subsystem
(35) * Eyestrike now gives sensory damage if the target has all the afflictions already
(36) * Confound no longer duplicates afflictions if the target doesn't already have them all
(38) * The number of freeze stacks required by Shatter is now affected by muscular + internal damage
(85) * Affinity reworked, it now lets you access abilities from other Empyreals, at the cost of reducing max sanity by 25%
(3) * Magnetize (Gadgets) now has diminishing returns
(4) * Magnotron (Gadgets) muscular damage reduced a bit
(54) * Focus and Sentrymode (Turrets) no longer require a workstation
(56) * Burrowbot burrowing ticks now inflict some internal damage
(57) * Surveil reworked, it's now toggleable and shows you room information each time the bot moves
(73) * Bots and turret are no longer affected by their owner's AOE attacks
(9) * Warmth now has a cooldown
(27) * Affliction extenders (Salvo/Cripple/Rend) now also do subssystem damage in addition to their other effects
(68) * Assault is now comboable, and its damage reduced
(70) * Judgement now triggers 6 times (up from 3)
(78) * Firewalk time now scales with distance
Server is down, so let's discuss!

Nanoseer lost Shatter as a viable option but gained some serious buffs to Mind route. Soothe change is pretty huge, providing even better kiting potential. Affinity is amazing. Confound having smart affliction is possibly too strong.

Engineer shards aren't as effective. If your opponent just ate shards they were going to have a bad day, but I haven't tested the new numbers. Perhaps Internal route will be a more viable option depending on how Burrowbot ticks perform? Other than that some QoL stuff.

Fury gets a much needed change to Firewalk. Warmth is no longer a direct counter to Sha-- oh wait, nevermind. Some extra motivation to actually use the affliction extenders, might be worth a look for you min/maxers.


  • ZhulkarnZhulkarn Posts: 50Member ✭✭
    Affinity change is quite positive and it will even make PvE more streamlined for nanoseer.

    Right now analyze will not provide muscular and internal data to count needed Shatter stacks easily and it became harder to pull. Perhaps when the opponent is already failing due to feedback a quick Shatter could come but at that point we have other options. Could be still used as a quick group instakill though it might not outshine the alternatives. 

    Confound with smart afflicting will definitely allow us to put more affliction pressure while mindswap can swap them wildly. 
  • CubeyCubey Posts: 154Member ✭✭✭
    Can't wait for forcefeed nerfs.
  • RocketCatRocketCat Posts: 48Member ✭✭
    To be fair to the person who classleaded Shatter, their plan suggested that the Frozen aff deal 200 instead of 100 internal, which might give the idea merit. But with no reasonable way to deal muscular (the limbdrain classlead was rejected...), the Void path for Nano will pretty much be about trying to damage out your opponent, and is probably anyway limited to the Fury matchup now that Mind path got some serious buffs.
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