scripting bug

KitranaKitrana Posts: 23Member
This is a bug, it has to do with the simplified scripting stuff of the nexus client though.

so i was working on this gas scooping bot using the simplified scripting stuff of the nexus client, it doesn't hunt for gas clouds or drag them back to a refinery it just does the up and down the cloud for me i figured it was ok. i had been working on this for an hour or so making test runs and small tweeks as i went,and i almost had it completed just needed a little timing tweek to get it in the right spots after finishing the down sweep, then all of a sudden it started going haywire. timings that were almost spot on were suddenly off, and not by a little suddenly the south sweep stops in the middle of the column instead of just being one square off. And while i am trying to fix that suddenly no matter what i do i can;t make the ship turn west by script any more. 

anyone else experience any similar sort of inconsistencies with how their scripts run?


  • RocketCatRocketCat Posts: 48Member ✭✭
    Scripting in Nexus is pretty solid, so it's probably a bug in the scripting itself. Being able to see what you coded would really help, if you'd like help debugging the script!
  • KitranaKitrana Posts: 23Member
    we moved this to discord, and yeah sometimes it just turns east fort no apparent reason
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