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Music Thread? Music Thread.

Every other game has one. It's only fitting Starmourn has one as well. This has been my bashing song the past few days, it's the perfect mix of catchy, upbeat and relaxing at the same time.



  • I've been listening to a lot of the FTL: Faster Than Light soundtrack, 10/10.
  • I'm Skibidiing through my bashfest rn

  • I always feel like these threads are just an exercise in throwing YouTube videos into the void, but what the hell. 

  • After multiple leadership roles in Achaea over the years I'm finally ready to "retire"... I'm factionless, just wandering around the stars at my own pace, and happy to not be part of all the conflict anymore. My music playlist has been relaxing to match...

    wandering star punk

  • This playlist is the best. Credit to @Chronoxi

    Download Montem System for Nexus Client -

  • can't you say

  • I like this cover ^

    I also feel WT's new song kind of goes with my theme of revolution, robots, space, non-conforming etc

  • when you gonna show me?
  • This off-the-wall logic is the OST of Scatterhome

  • all is full of love

  • Fuck yes Tim Minchin.

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  • Not 

    Too Short

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    At risk of being too on-the-nose, I've been jammin Coheed pretty exclusively as my Starmourn soundtrack


  • Seems rather fitting :)
  • How do you guys get the preview of the video to come up? When I tried it was just a link. >.>
  • Just putting the youtube link auto-embedded the video for me - maybe try again? I don't know what would cause it not to work.

  • Dunno why but this is constantly running through my mind.
  • Also Scatterhome:

  • I normally can't stand this crap, but I really like this one.
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    Any music from this game, VA-11 HALL-A, is my theme for Starmourn, really xD

  • Excellent theme music.
  • Easily one of my top songs.

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    This is my Vega song for sure. 

    Also like this one

    And my girl Kelela!

    Oh, and this one I enjoy a good bit

    okay... gonna stop adding things.  =)
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  • Only thing for this is Transistor. 

    Hummed if you like that.

    Or just this. Starts on Vanishing Point.
  • Vega said:

    Also like this one

    I approve of this music choice.
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  • Deal with my possibly bad taste in music.
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  • Your music isn't bad.

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    I listen to this out in space or while bashing. I think they did Chester justice on this one, definitely brings back memories yet adds a soft melodic tone that just sweeps me away.

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    @Solus Just copy the full link when it looks like this:

    Since it doesnt seem to work if you use shorteners or the like.

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