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Thanks for the RP! Vol. 1.



  • Thanks to @Hroden and @Eukelade for their support in Operation: Lone Star and providing their input along a place to set the mood for the whole III business.

    @Kelnagar @Kitrana @Grek @Urid @Vaxis @juno

    Thanks for your participation and playing through the whole scenario, making it one of the most memorable moments throughout my playtime in Starmourn. You people, rock! 

    And the rest of III and Ascendancy, you make it logging in the game a distinct pleasure all the time. We are definitely on a bull run through the civilization score charts!
  • Fine work organizing and lovely to read you all making fine work of those crooks!
    Hi, I'm Ata. Oh and maybe some other people, too. o:) Check out my various packages for Nexus: Vuu combat system, Global Pathfinder, Slicer Tools, Ship compass, JS from command line, Vitals Tracker, and Equipment Manager.
  • Kudos to @Shulamit and @Poet for being the brains behind the operation
  • Sometimes I forget the forums exist so I got some catching up to do. @Jassaet and Vianou (but he's apparently not on here), thank you guys so much for making d'Erebus awesome and fun - I honestly might not have stayed when I came back from that long break had you two not been here.

    Vaxis, seems you're not on here either, but if you stumble across this I love our private talks about weird shit and promise our characters will meet in the flesh soon.

    @Nykara you (and probably half of Scatterhome) know. Wish you'd been around more recently.

    @Vega had lots of fun with that back and forth last night despite being about to fall asleep.

    I'm gone.
  • The first Song on the Verge was very fun.

    Here's some of the things I loved and laughed at:

    Joleanna says, "Buy your tickets folks. Support your starving artists!"


    Vega says, "If you smoke, don't drop your butts on our lovely one of a kind venue floor, or you will be required to eat it."
    * A cantankerous Jin youth tries to dispose a butt unseen but is quickly apprehended by attentive marshals who stuff the butt into her mouth. *


    A few fans at the back of the crowd hold up a handmade sign painted with the words 'Kiss Me Steve'!!!


    An impromptu mosh pit begins to thrash away at the front of the crowds.
    Rhindara offers a cordial "Fuck off," to a stray mosher as she too slips closer to the fringes.


    The audience tries out a hopeful cheer, but like most music festivals, there's some kind of technical difficulty that holds up the biggest acts.


    With a deeper and more gravelly intonation, Hadrion yells into its microphone, "We won't make you wait - proceeds from this set is going to the SRS! We want that big, dead home we're floating over to be green again! So let's make some noise, Dominion! Hit it, Joris!"


    There were many other cool stuff that happened. Thank you to everyone who organized the thing, (in-game and OOCly), performed, and attended. :)
  • @Keiko, @Soren, @Nykara, @Steve, @Veryx, @Eukelade

    You all know what you did.
  • A little void witch privilege to necro this thread, which has clearly languished far too long.

    I've enjoyed many interactions this past week. Quark who let me drag him along while I was mining and some interesting RP over tells just a minute ago.

    Also thanks to @Vega and Clover for some fun at the Winter fest and after. Including an insane number of fishies.  Clover's ship really makes me want to finish all the customization on mine, so I can drag more people back there for RP.

    And @Horen for dying a lot and letting me make a personality construct of him. You are my first willing victim, though I was looking forward to strangling you myself. Also, we'll be editing your proclivity to play with dung out of the construct thank you very much.
    [Cassandra]: Poet will be unsurprised to learn that she has unread news.
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