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Would it be possible to auto-generate sector maps?

Something similar to  but for sectors like CA-3938 or RS-4244. Or would the ASCII nature of them make that overly  difficult?


  • I did some calculations on the size of space early last year, but I don't feel like going through my old account to find the numbers on size and such. The tl;dr is it's not entirely feasible.

    For reference, I'm seeing 1,074 sectors on STARMAP (including Y'saari space but omitting the inaccessible edge zones signified by periods). At 250x250 rooms per sector, that come out to 67,125,000 rooms.
  • What if you limit the size to 8 X 8 pixels for room to generate a 2000X2000 pixel image?
  • In early days we had a fellow making a Google Maps style map of Starmourn Space, but they became inactive and I have lost the link. So yes, it's totally possible with some know-how.
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  • Omfg I want that in my life. 
  • If anybody's interested I have taken some notes on what I have found so far in the various sectors.
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