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Basic Ship Numpad System

Hi. This is a very basic ship movement package for Nexus. You control your ship mostly with the numpad, but there are a few aliases to help as well.

You can get it here. Extract the .nxs file from the zip folder, go to your Nexus settings -> Reflex Packages -> click the big box -> select the .nxs file or drag and drop it.

Note that you will need to remove the stock numpad movement package from Nexus for this to work properly. You can do this by going to Reflex Packages in the Nexus settings and hitting the little X circle on the respective line.

When your ship launches and docks, the triggers will automatically switch you from numpad walking to numpad flying. It will also automatically activate all your modules; you might want to change this if your power limits have a low tolerance. You'll also see a custom emote play; this is purely for fluff and you can edit or remove it as you wish.

This doesn't include any weapon keybinds or triggers, or provisions for skip/flyby/other captaincy tricks, but these are simple enough to set up.

Flight command list: 

Num 1-9 is used to SHIP TURN in the eight cardinal directions.
Num 5 is used for SHIP BEACON.
Num 0 is used for STARCHART <destination>. You set a destination with DEST <zone>, for example, DEST IOTA or DEST RS-5943, and it'll show up when you hit num 0.
Num / and * decreases and increases the max speed of your ship in a gradient specified by MSTEP <#>. For example, if you set MSTEP to 25, and hit num *, your ship's maxspeed will increase by 25% each time (from a minimum of 1% to a maximum of 100%).
Num + and - do the same thing but with your ship's thrust. You can use TSTEP <#> to set the gradient here too, but I honestly recommend just leaving it at 100 because I can't think of any real reason you would want to be at any other thrust level except zero or 100.
CTRL+NUM5 recovers all cargo adjacent to you, in every direction. Spammy, but useful.
VCHECK is an alias for debugging. It shows you what the variables in the system are set to. If these aren't within a range of 0-100, something broke.
WALKING and FLYING change movement types manually, for example, if you want to move around in your ship while in space, or if something breaks.

Walking command list:

Most everything is unchanged from the basic numpad reflex package. However, CTRL+numpad directions will do CRASH <dir>, for example, CTRL+NUM4 will make you CRASH W. CTRL+NUM5 will also make you do FLY UP for an even quicker escape provided you're outdoors and have a jetpack.


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