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Crime and Conflict

Making this thread for the discussion (i have no idea if i put it in the right category) that happened today  2020/06/14 - Crime and Conflict so we can put things up that we asked, forgot to ask, or did not make it in time to ask, et cetera.


There needs to be varied punishments for crime in Starmourn, there's really only two or three flavors:

- fined
- fined AND enemied
- enemied for life (or until a faction leader comes around that doesn't remember why you did the thing)

Both obviously carry a penalty where you are killed on sight if in another faction's territory while enemied. This works for alot of crimes, but small ones like graffiti? Getting enemied/KOS orders thrown on you is pretty extreme (unless the graffiti itself was pretty pervasive)

I would like to see a 'softer' punishment option to enemy status: Prohibited.

Prohibited status does not bar you from entry BUT

- Guards will immediately move to your location (assignable) and follow you around.
- Your entry and exit to faction territory is broadcast on FT (with a cooldown/channel on you leaving and entering so you can't just spam in and out to annoy people into gagging it away)
- Faction members can path track to you. Target is alerted of this.
- Cannot perform or attend concerts in factions you have prohibited entry to.
- Cannot invis in
- Mask automatically falls off?

I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.


  • I can see myself using this for the majority of cases that currently go to enemy status at the moment. One thing I would add is announcing the prohibited person's location when they pass by a security camera, in addition to when they enter/leave faction territory in general.
  • I think there's one more step along the punishment gradient:
    - Spraypainted and fired out of a cannon.
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  • Just going to straight up copy/paste the brief back and forth on arenas from the Discord:

    [8:56 PM] Scrublord Zarrach: ngl, i do want faction arenas, but from my experience there's always a map that winds up being preferred by the community. Imperian did alot of fighting in Antioch's arena and the Coliseum for example cause the layout was preferred for some reason (i never asked why but playing around in Ithaqua's arena I can see why)
    Idk how much of a pain in the ass this'd be but here goes:
    Omni stays as the main/primary PVP arena. (F in the chat for 'Baths' fans). The fact it's a virtual arena means we can do some really neat stuff, like it can get different maps loaded based off faction/racial arenas. Admin FFA is randomly one of these maps (or maybe it's a player vote vote for nuketown!), player duels can select a map to play in and like once a day each faction can initiate a FFA/Team Deathmatch at Omni.
    Faction arenas exist but are not for PVP, but for pve/newbie friendly games. Like Freezetag, CTF, etc and are how the maps for Omni become a thing.

    [8:56 PM] Scrublord Zarrach: thoughts?

    [8:57 PM] RocketCat: I like the idea of "loading" different maps with the same VR "machine"

    [8:57 PM] Scrublord Zarrach: hell maybe thats how we can get faction conflict going. Don't have anyone participate in the player started Team Deathmatch, your faction is mocked heavily. You don't have to win, you just need to participate to avoid shaming your house faction.

    [8:57 PM] RocketCat: Cause my only problem with Omni Arena is that the map is boring and does not in any way resemble fights outside of arena

    [8:58 PM] Scrublord Zarrach: i still find it hilarious that it's a heart balloon.

    [9:02 PM] Quark: that won't work. Shame is more likely to drive people away from factions altogether than to promote faction conflict

    [9:04 PM] RocketCat: Would be good to have 2v2s etc. Theyre infinitely more fun than 1v1s tbh

    [9:06 PM] Morgan: Only reason Ata wants 2v2 is so he can get a triple kill

    [9:09 PM] Scrublord Zarrach: ok, maybe not shame.

    [9:09 PM] RocketCat: Morgan knows

    [9:10 PM] Scrublord Zarrach: Tiered reward then? Like a tiered XP boost or something. First place gets 30%, second 20%, third 10%, plus all parties get influence points.

    [9:12 PM] Morgan: Mostly quadras though, right Ata?

    [9:53 PM] The Real Steve Strikes Back: Could make an arena connected to Iota

    [9:54 PM] The Real Steve Strikes Back: So that it’s still accessible through Omni

    [10:07 PM] Scrublord Zarrach: pve arena on iota?

    [10:43 PM] Morgan: I do like the idea of configurable holographic arenas. Just load up a battlegrounds program and hey presto, we're in a new layout, forest themed, another new one, desert themed.

    I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
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