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Questions on Jin beliefs and being cloned

Hi everyone,

Recently joined and enjoying getting back into roleplaying. Some questions:


How do Jin, who traditionally spend their lives preparing for death, regard being revived continuously through cloning?

Does a death that causes a clone to activate count as that kind of death for which they have been preparing?

As far as I have been able to reason for myself, I think from my character's perspective, who is relatively young and has died twice already, that they are experiencing a continuous cycle of life and death, and this, philosophically, can provide opportunities for emotional growth (or other personality changes).

On the topic of cloning:

Is it believable for a character to experience forgetfulness and other time-related disorders after being cloned? Could you believe adverse effects related to memory over the long term from repeated cloning? Or are such aberrations generally unheard of due to the time the technology has been around?

Do/Could deaths in space affect memory? If (from the main site) "brain state is then uploaded to a cloning facility whenever you land on a planet or space station with one"? My character died in space and I was wondering if my character would reasonably be able to tell others about it, if I look at the last time I was on a space station as "upload of memories".


  • Official lore does not have anything like clone degeneration sickness and the upload of memories from one's Mindsim to something called a "d-vault" is a continuous stream. Though honestly the precise mechanism of it and how it works with INRs and xp recovery on death involves a bit of handwavium as far as I can tell.

    In October we had an event involving a cult of T'rath who believed the continuous cycle of cloning detracted from real experience, though you'd have to ask one of the remnants in character for their more precise "theology" around it, provided they had one.

    I think there's absolutely space for playing your character in the way you describe, if you choose to do so. Perhaps your character got a hackjob Mindsim or simply a faulty one which intermittently fails to upload your memories.
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  • I've run across this line of thinking before in games with cloning as a respawn/resurrection mechanic and I enjoy it (when I can remember to do it, since it is alot easier to just run on an uninterrupted timeline and I have trouble keeping my narrative straight as it is :sweat: ) so it's great to see someone else with the same thinking.

    Starmourn does have the added benefit of the DeathAlert channel being I think generally considered IC information, so if Zarrach gets popped by Ata because Zarrach tied his chin tentacles into a single knot for a chuckle, Zarrach would know thanks to DeathAlert that Ata is to blame, but not why.

    There's other things in game where you could piece together a rough picture as to the circumstances of your death, most of them are considered IC.
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  • It definitely could prove for some very good character rp, each time you die going back to the location of death and trying to figure out the cause, only knowing two things, what killed you and where.
  • Poet takes every death as another opportunity to 'Pierce the Veil' and attain enlightenment. I presume there is some memory loss around the time of death because if we all remembered dying 100+ times we'd all be completely insane.
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