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Player RP event: Winterflame Music Festival!

Hi Everyone!

In case anyone missed it (not that I haven't been kinda incessant about it on the public news section), there's a music festival in the Winterflame Festivities area this coming Sunday (or Monday morning for those of you Australia/Asia way).

It's on:
Sunday 22nd Dec at 10pm GMT/4pm CST/8am Mon AEST

We have:
- A great selection of player bands playing (Me obvs, but thanks Keiko, Grek, Ata and Otto in advance for taking part!)
- The most popular NPC band in the game playing (Talking Tukkav - as Tosmar is the Tukkav homeworld this is pretty awesome!)
- I've organised some goodie bags with exclusive merch for everyone who attends.
- There will be a prize draw at the end of the festival for those who stayed for the whole thing. (Prizes include: 50k, promo items and giftcatchers)

Thanks to Ren, Keiko, Clover, Kass, Reeloc, and Xiru for being involved from a sponsorship point of view.


Please take a look at NEWS READ PUBLIC 252 for the full ad.

This is so much fun. Thanks admin for being awesome and supporting this with such enthusiasm!

Right... I'd better actually get my song ready now hah!

Orrin  =)


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