Possible return

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So I am thinking of starting up again and wondering what the game looks like now.

I have been on a few times at random during the last couple weeks and seen 6 - 9 people around so it doesn't fill me with a lot of hope.

How are classes, bashing/PVP?
What is the FoTM?
Is PVP actually viable with the playerbase?
I heard ships got a huge overhaul, any TL;DR info on that?


  • RocketCatRocketCat Member Posts: 199 ✭✭✭
    1) All classes are more-or-less even on bashing. Some do better in certain situations, but generally everything's fine. For PvP, sample size is low among active PvPers. Balance considerations in 1v1 PvP is more matchup-based than general. Gun to my head, in order of overall power, I would say: 1) Engi, 2) Fury, 3) Nano, 4) Scoundrel, 5) BEAST. But that answer fails to address how easily a Nano can dismantle an Engi, or how tough a careful Scoundrel can be to kill. This answer also breaks down when you consider group pvp, where every class has something to bring to the table.
    2) Shulamit's cooking. But seriously, I don't know. What do you mean? FoTM in what respect?
    3) If you're a new PvPer on the scene every active PvPer is going to love fighting you as much as you want, because we're hungry to grow the scene.
    4) Firing ship weapons consumes capacitor, thrust is no longer tied to leftover halons, and... I can't remember what else?

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