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Pvp compared to other ire games

i really enjoyed achaea but could not get motivated enough to learn how to script in order to enjoy pvp.  In reading the description of pvp combat in starmourn It seems like scripting and setting up curing systems is not as important in this game.  It sounds like the game cures etc for you and it’s more about learning how to fight.

am I correct in that scripting knowledge is not as important in this one for pvp or should I expect similar results to achaea?


  • Scripting still helps, but for the most part, you can get by with just aliases so you don't need to type more than you need to.
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  • Damn that sucks.  Is scripting still used for like curing and offensive systems or for other stuff?

  • It is more then possible to use simply aliases for everything.

    First of all, in this game there are no curatives and hence you will not be keeping track of which herb to eat first, which pipe to smoke, what potion to drink etc. There is a wetwiring system with five main subsystems which can be set to prioritize passively curing afflictions, subsystem damage or health. The system itself works same for everyone hence there will be no need to script for curing. There are also active healing abilities which will take balance so they are part of the PvP choice along choices such as fleeing or choosing your attacks.

    In essence it is far more important to choose your attacks rather then curing everything automatically. Scripting will always give a bit of edge to the savvy player, but that is all about it. 
  • I enjoy scripting for pvp but really it is only a fun personal hobby. There are some incremental advantages you can eke out for yourself in certain matchups, but nothing that isn't achievable with manual aliasing and experience.
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  • Awesome good to know, gonna give it a shot
  • As one of top ten, possibly top five PvPers of Starmourn*, I never had to use scripts more complicated than "highlight this text in red and show a warning message" or "if you're in this Fury stance use this attack when I press this button, otherwise use that attack". This was enough to be a competent, good PvPer - definitely an improvement over other IRE games.

    The entry level for pvp is also much lower than in other games since you don't need artifacts (for now - and I hope it doesn't change) and Skirmishing offers a minor pvp advantage at best. Just tri trans your class skills, or for some classes not even that - and you're good to go. That's 1 on 1 - the barrier is even lower for group pvp.

    * - not gloating. It's a small game so there's not a whole lot of people interested in PvP in the first place
  • Heck, I do fine just manualling, using serverside queuing with like 300ms ping.

    There are a few reasons you don't need scripting for pvp in SM:

    1. Slow pace. Most attacks take 3.0s of balance. Most of the time you're just deciding the overall strategy of a fight and just sticking to the plan.

    2. Curing takes balance too! You don't have to juggle herb, pipe, salve, sips all at once.

    3. Affs aren't as debilitating. There aren't any truelocks to watch out for.

    I'll say though, there's not as much depth as I would like in the system at the moment, but that's another topic altogether.
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