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Recently, Ilyos introduced a couple awesome new LUCENT products in game. One of them is Soundwavez, a way to allow your character to listen to music wherever they are. (Personally, I love my Soundwavez and I want LUCENT to release a surround-sound version for my ship.)

I'm looking to add more music to the rotating list, but I think it would be fun to ask you guys to contribute! So - song names, genres, moods, bands (bonus points if you include a flavor blurb about the band) - post whatever you want below, and I'll integrate them into my next update of the feature. What do you want to see pop up on your Soundwavez?



  • RhindaraRhindara Posts: 48Member ✭✭✭
    Just some terrible artist names for now, I'll think of more later.

    Drone Sour
    Insane Clone Posse
    Polar Pijaks
    3 Mekmavaurs Down
    Gorehound Gang
    Wood Charlotte
  • IlyosIlyos Posts: 74Administrator, Moderator Starmourn staff
    Yus, a ship LUCENT product will be a thing. Just gotta wrap my mind around it
  • SlanderSlander Posts: 175Member ✭✭✭
    Genre ideas - kithwave, nanovore (meant to type nanocore but I like that better), voidgaze, botglitch, B.E.A.S.T. metal.
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  • EukeladeEukelade Posts: 152Administrator, Moderator Starmourn staff
    Insane Clone Posse.

    My LOL was legit and real.
  • IkchorIkchor Posts: 76Member ✭✭✭
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    Fury Machines (Rage Against the Machine similarity?) - "WAR and PIECE"
    (genre: AggroRock)
    mood: Enraging

    Bandus and the 'Can Tina Band?' - "That Song"  (Blatant reference is blatant)
    (genre: Synthlaxation)
    mood: Relaxing

    The Mistellis - "Ignore That" ('Smack That' spoof)
    genre: kithpop
    mood: Amusing

    I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
  • ZhulkarnZhulkarn Posts: 149Member ✭✭✭
    Group: The Shennanigan
    Genre: S-Pop
    Sample song name: Lithargey
    Mood: Amusing and jovial

    Group: Krel's Chosen
    Genre: Mindwave/Mindswap
    Sample song name: Wuntoklan Stories
    Mood: Pain, grief, sorrow, hope, short lived pleasure, then more pain, more grief, deep sorrow

    Group: Scrapston Philarmonic Orchestra
    Genre: Revobeats
    Sample song name: March of the Ascendants
    Mood: Hearty and encouraging
  • KirinKirin Posts: 91Member ✭✭✭
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    The Iron Corvettes
    Genre: space freight grunge
    Sample Song: Speed of Light
    Mood: folk, nomadic, tribal

    The Ibissian Sisterhood
    Genre: frontier pop
    Sample Song: The Y'saari Dream
    Mood: light, fun, dreamy

    Rouge AI
    Genre: Robomantic
    Sample Song: 10\/3 
    Mood: romantic

    Shi Duk Sidekicks
    Genre: aetherscapes
    Sample Song: Symphony No. 12 - Disorientation
    Mood: violent

    Pirates of the Selassian
    Genre: jovial
    Sample Song: Zhulkarn Iz a Ren
    Mood: comic

  • ReelocReeloc Posts: 18Member ✭✭
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    Not really a song/artist suggestion, but can we also have lines that show musicians sing famous lyrics and put a twist on the words or concepts?

    I've been hearing Old Town Road a lot and have been bugging people out by singing the first few lines and incorporating them into whatever Reeloc's doing.

    "I'm gonna take my rover to that Oldtown Road, I'm gonna driiive 'til I can't no more."
    or "I'm gonna fly my ship to that RA zone, I'm gonna flyyyy 'til I can't no more." :-P

    And I just thought it might be fun to see lines of people singing famous lyrics too. If it's not too much to ask. Hehe.
  • ReelocReeloc Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    As for my awful artist suggestions...

    The Atman Brothers Band
    Ice Horn
    Toof Fighters
    Moh Tea Crue
    and... Needleback
  • AlbionAlbion Posts: 89Member ✭✭
    Now that we have the whole performance thing, we could have tracks from player's bands, too! :chuffed:
  • MatlkaelMatlkael Posts: 345Member ✭✭✭
    YASSSSSS :bleep_bloop:

    Mereas Eyrlock
    "They're excited, but poor."
    - Ilyos (August 2019)
  • KestrelKestrel Posts: 340Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Cleax Clickson — Since U Been Clone (Nanorock)
    Mood: Vindictive

    "They are elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty."
    — Oscar Wilde

    "I'll take care of it, Luke said. And because he said it instead of her, I knew he meant kill. That is what you have to do before you kill, I thought. You have to create an it, where none was before."
    — Margaret Atwood

  • KestrelKestrel Posts: 340Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Genre: Cratercore (Belter folk)

    An all-male, all-human band, Beltboyz are a trio of young, attractive scoundrels from the Belt, known for their rough, gruff image and ultraviolent repertoire. Indeed, when they aren't busy strumming their low, melancholy and moody shows to a quiet crowd over at Gravity, they're quite well-known in the criminal underworld, with rumoured ties to murky-white-collar Bodean and the Ishbi Casino. They're sometimes looked down upon by more well regarded, higher-brow musicians, especially beyond the Belt, and it's often whispered that their undeserved fame is bought and paid for. Of course, no one ever dares say this to their scarred-up lead singer's face. They have an ugly tendency to engage in petty, swearing fuelled commsphere feuds with other celebrated artists in the middle of the night, sometimes alienating fans and generating holomag controversy. One of their most famous incidents was when their frontrunner insulted the Shentones' frontrunner's dress, calling her "a blood-sucking drakkafly in a shiny cocoon".

    Song list:

    Sweet Home Whittler's Hollow
    Mood: Nostalgic

    Wayward Zhu
    Mood: Nostalgic

    Hookmaw Heart
    Mood: Moody

    Said My P.I.E.C.E
    Mood: Grit

    The Night She Broke Gravity
    Mood: Sexy

    "They are elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty."
    — Oscar Wilde

    "I'll take care of it, Luke said. And because he said it instead of her, I knew he meant kill. That is what you have to do before you kill, I thought. You have to create an it, where none was before."
    — Margaret Atwood

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