Requesting: Ban on rape RP, admin transparency, newbie protection



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    Kestrel said:
    • The person you're quoting isn't even me. I play Zah, you pillock, who was explicitly quoted by name in the log I supplied. I censored other names specifically to shield them from what you're doing right now.
    • Oh my God, I'm so sorry that a Margaret Atwood quote offends you. You must have had a great time in every bog-standard high-school English class. You get triggered by 'to be or not to be' too?
    • My character is a right-wing free-market Capitalist. Her player is on the opposite end of the political compass. Wot soapbox, you ninny. I just wanted to play a keiretsu-running rich bitch, had no idea I'd have to educate anyone on how not to sexually harass people in this day in age.
    • 'Mature themes' =! permission to harass other players. Christ.

      There's a reason we have NPC sex slaves and not a coded PC sex slavery system.
    You're not log provider then? Nay? "You say..."? Shield them from what? Being called out for ruining EVERYONE'S fun by spreading stuff people might have faced real life into a game?

    You went further than just potentially and accidentally upsetting people, and went further into your "men" rhetoric which is hilarious considering this thing mostly came about from you and another player who I think is ICly and OOCly female.

    Literature is all well and good, but you have to admit it's rather telling you chose that particular quote from that particular bit of literature... Your actions aren't inspiring any confidence really. If you really want me to double down on the Atwood stuff and how I think that exactly relates to you and extraordinarily, to this situation somehow, I will. 

    Heading for leadership immediately and having one of your very first actions being to cause a stir around this... You're right, that's not a soapbox, it's a megaphone on a stage. 

    I've watched that bit of "comedy" previously and have to say it was one of the most forced and cringe-inducing things I've possibly ever seen in my life. Somehow they BOTH look uncomfortable throughout the whole thing. 

    You could have stopped digging. There was no need to go all-in over the top at pretty much any point. Instead you want to miss the point of everything that's been said and somehow look to be moralistic when everyone knows you came out of this being the dirtiest out of everyone involved. 

    You're out of touch, and have been since your voice was first heard on this. Au Revoir, though I hope you've taken this opportunity to learn something at least. 

    Edit: Perhaps one of the last straws in this was pretending that you did this for the sake of the playerbase. We only have to look at the damage you have wrought by yourself in the above post and the reactions of others. You did this for your own vanity and the driving desire to be contentious, rebellious and against the grain ON AN ISSUE THAT EVERYONE YOU'RE ARGUING AGAINST AGREES WITH YOU ABOUT. 
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