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TectonTecton Posts: 574Administrator Starmourn staff
We found a bug in our "deletion warning" mail loop this morning after it ran last night for the first time since live players have been eligible to get them. Sadly this bug meant that some of our players got a bunch of emails from us - we've fixed this up so it won't happen again, but I just wanted to post up here to sincerely apologize if you were one of the unlucky few that got multiple emails from us overnight about deletions for characters that you didn't make.


  • RkansasRkansas Posts: 72Member ✭✭
    No worries. I am just so happy to finally receive emails from you guys. It was a wonderful surprise. (I was not one of the people that got these emails mind you, but if I had my statement would still be true lol)
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    @Tecton, baby, please stop calling.

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