[Mudlet] IRE Mapping Script and Crowdmap for Starmourn

The IRE mapping script now supports a Starmourn crowdmap!

Not using it yet? Give it a go! It features fast speedwalking, robust room and area search (helps you to find your destination easier), API and events for scripting.

You are using it? Update to version 19.1.1 when requested to (by downloading, uninstalling and installing the new mudlet-mapper.xml). Then download the crowdmap by using mconfig crowdmap on

The Crowdmap features:
 - All transports and PTPs in the voidgate network; easily get between different hunting areas
 - Room markings; all you would expect from MAP, plus $ for denizen shops, TT for trade terminals, T for Transports and P for PTPs, making finding a room easier if you can't remember the name
 - Area name cleanup, compared to base; no more "Unnamed areas"

The script and crowdmap are maintained here (https://github.com/IRE-Mudlet-Mapping); if you have any issues feel free to message Casimar in-game, create an issue on github, or join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/7sEfSbr). We welcome contributions too, come join us on Discord!

Upcoming features:
 - Starmourn flying support
 - Utilisation of Lifts
 - GOTO (Junk/Repair) support, to go to your closest!

Big thanks to @keneanung for setting it up and @Casimar for doing all of the map improvements!



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