Scoundrel Interrupt Issue

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The scoundrel interrupt ability, pointblank, takes one bullet.  If a mob starts a wind-up attack, but I am at zero bullets when it starts, I do not have time to reload and then interrupt.  Is this intended?

I have been dying frequently in the Ixsei Desert because the mobs charge-up attacks hit for 3k+, which means that I die fairly often over a period of time just to the randomness of when the charge-up attacks starts.

Given I can't reload early to avoid being at zero bullets, are there any workarounds for this that could avoid pointblank requiring a bullet or perhaps being based on a guile skill for interrupt instead?  Perhaps the mobs could have a slightly longer wind-up period to allow for two balances for most classes? This would help fury as well given one of their interrupts is stance based.



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    Using kith fever doesn't interrupt Battleflow or being you out of stance. It just halts you for one balance, right? So if you want to reliably interrupt as Fury you'd probably just fever.

    Was it originally intended that knockdown/prone stuff interrupted? Because that would be a simple change that would let an already existing Scoundrel skill interrupt too.

    I agree that your interrupt should never be gated behind two balances (for any class). 
  • PerfectPerfect Posts: 29Member
    Does a sleeper interrupt mob wind up? Haven't tested.

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    That's all well and good, except for the fact Trip doesn't interrupt. There's a reason it doesn't show in HELP SCOUNDREL as an interrupt.
    Also fury has a melee interrupt, with Stun. So not exactly correct on the 'other classes don't have' comment, either. Stance-required, but melee nonetheless.
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  • BeepBoopBeepBoop Posts: 69Member ✭✭
    Does trip even work against mobs?
  • MarunaMaruna Posts: 371Member ✭✭✭
    BeepBoop said:
    Does trip even work against mobs?
    Works in that it prones them, yes. It doesn't interrupt, though.
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    Wuff said:
    Literally an interrupt.

    You’re actually right for once regarding Stun! Clap clap. 
    Prone is not an interrupt. There are several things that will complete while prone. 
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 34Member
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    Trip does not interrupt mob wind ups.

    I do use gun spin to reload rather than fling if they start a wind up and I'm at zero bullets (2 second balance vs 3 second balance). That usually allows me to get my interrupt off in time. However there have been a few times where I've failed (Rapidfire (3.5s balance) from 2 to 0 bullets and then they immediately start windup = GG)

    Don't ever Rapidfire when at 2 bullets vs mobs that windup and you should usually survive... I think only once did I fail when I was at 1 bullet and the windup actually came probably milliseconds before a queued crackshot but due to latency couldn't change my queued attack.
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    @Wuff did a scoundrel hurt you as a child? You are so angry at them...
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    @ekary and @Anonymous

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    Solus said:
    Folks who keep jabbing each other like this needs to be forum banned for a few days. 
    Lol because that worked out so well for Imperian forums.
  • ReonReon Posts: 12Member
    I hate, hate this issue. So many times just as I run out of bullets the windup kicks in, you cannot crash out, reload to interrupt in time before the big 70%+ hits.
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