Thanks to those making Starmourn possible.

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We have threads here for just about everything. Ranging from information to ideas on how to make the game more fun, so I have decided to make one just so everyone can say how much they like Starmourn thus far and how much they appreciate those that have worked and are working so hard to make Starmourn fun to play for everyone.

I will start this by saying thanks to the makers of Starmourn. Everyone from the higher ups down to the coders that no one ever sees or hears from. Starmourn, to me anyway, has to be the best IRE game to date and probably the best MUD to date. There is always something you can do, wither it be the storyline quest, bashing for either quests, lvls, marks or gear. If you get tired with bashing on ground you can mix it up by bashing in space. Or if you don't feel like fighting at all, you can easily go out and do some mining or find a group to RP with. Please keep up the good work guys and gals. We all thank you for your hard work and dedication.
(Scatterhome): Cal says, "We're called Scatterhome after what everybody does at the end of the night when it's time for someone to pay the bar tab."
(Scatterhome): You say, "Which by my calculations, it's your turn to pay."
(Scatterhome): Brantar says, "That's what my calculations have come to."
(Scatterhome): Paavo says, "My math adds up to that, yeah."
(Scatterhome): Cal says, "Bastards."


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