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What game other than MUDs do you play?

I am Groot
(What other games do you play outside of muds?

I am a favorite of Moba's (League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Smite) and partial to rogue-like steam games (Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, Darkest Dungeon). I also have a few browser games that I play on the go, like Kingdom of Loathing which I've gotten back into recently)


  • I uh, play too much Madden Mobile? ;)
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  • I play lots of Overwatch, ESO, and do lots of sitting aimless staring at a monitor
  • Villanox said:
    I play lots of Overwatch, ESO, and do lots of sitting aimless staring at a monitor
    Yeah, I also enjoy a healthy session of Monitor Monitor.
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  • Warframe, Guild Wars 2, Dishonored, Civilization5, Total War, Magic the Gathering, and a bunch of the games over on tfgamessite.
  • I tend to rotate between games. Right now, FF14 and OW and a little HotS. Other games I might pick up sometimes... Warfarm, Warships, Fortnite, Secret World, Sins, Stellaris, ES2... probably a bunch of others I'm forgetting...

    (Does reading on the computer count? If so, Kindle's definitely up there too...)
  • ES2, Stellaris, XCOM2_ ADOM, SS13
  • Currently The Witcher 3 and No Man's Sky.
  • Mostly RPGs (online, offline, massively, single, etc. etc. etc.)

    That's just last week.
  • Stellaris is my big non-mud game currently. I've finished FFXV recently, but am still working on the end-game. Tales of Berseria and Skyrim are other current go-to's.
  • I mentioned the graphical muds in the other thread. :tongue:

    For others, Mansions of Madness is a particular favourite. As is most pen and paper rpgs. Been playing a bit of Conan Exiles and will always play a FF when they come 
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  • Stellaris mostly but I swap around between games. Most of my game time gets divided between that, League of Legends, Mount and Blade, and EVE Online.
  • Mount and Blade is one of my all time favorites! 
  • Path of Exile
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    Villanox said:
    I play lots of Overwatch, ESO, and do lots of sitting aimless staring at a monitor
    @Villanox Overwatch and ESO are my two go to games. PS4. You?!
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  • @Oogah_Chakha I play PC, too poor for consoles :D
  • Crusader kings II, Tales of Maj'Eyal, Mount & blade etc.
  • Currently: Overwatch, Zelda on the Switch.
  • Superman 64

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    Battlefield 1. I have great fun playing with the BANE clan.
    Overwatch. It's a great game but I got bored playing it alone eventually.
    Just picked up Elder Scrolls Online, I've yet to play it.

    Company Of Heroes 1 and it's expansions.
    EVE. I reaaallly wanted to get into this, but it feels like this game is not meant to be played alone.
    I mostly play stategy games on the PC but haven't found anything to my liking recently, playing alone is only satisfying for so long.

    Perhaps the best game I have ever played for it's single player story was Spec-Ops: The Line. For a shooter it took me on a totally unexpected journey and played with morality in a way that I have yet to experience in any other videogame. Worth a play if you can find it going cheap, despite sometimes clunky game mechanics.
  • I've mainly been playing Guild Wars 2 and probably going to get Destiny 2.
  • Doyle said:

    Superman 64

    Heh heh.
  • I play a lot of strategy games (Hearts of Iron, CK2 etc) but I always enjoy RPGs with plenty of choice and consequence. The Witcher 3 stood out from the pack quite a bit in that regard.

    Also really enjoying the new (ish) DOOM. That game is pure heavy metal.
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    I currently have a pet project of restoring my own game systems so right now I'm playing Sega Genesis games: Ecco, Earthworm Jim, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Toejam and Earl.

    Also if any of you have a Humble Bundle account (Or don't mind making one) Psychonauts is free for the next 3 hours.
  • Destiny 2 has taken a lot of my free-time recently but isn't likely to hold me down for more than a raid/nightfall weekly, if that.

    Fallout 3/NV is a massive addiction of mine ( don't get me started on 4 ), as well as Skyrim and Elite: Dangerous.
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  • League of Legends a lot lately. Then several time-wasting phone games.
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  • Been playing Starbound off and on to get into the sci-fi groove(and waiting for Stardew Valley to come on the Switch), and I'm anxiously awaiting the next expansion for Breath of the Wild.
  • Starbound's a nice one. You've just reminded me I need to pay it a visit...
  • Recently started playing Divinity : Original Sin 2. I am guessing this will take quite a bit of my free time. At least, until Shadow of War comes out.
  • Jerom said:
    Recently started playing Divinity : Original Sin 2. I am guessing this will take quite a bit of my free time. At least, until Shadow of War comes out.
    I have lost more of my life than I'd care to admit to that game. Looking under all the things, ever was never quite so tediously rewarding.
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    Stellaris for scifi atm. I made a starmourn race pack for it. I posted a qpic in the comments section somewhere...

    ETA - Here's that thread

    Utopia kinda broke the game though.

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