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    Prajax: What's your name?
    Nunya: Nunya.
    Prajax: Nunya what?
    Nunya: Nunya Business.
    Prajax: What are you reading?
    Nunya: It's a book. Very low tech.
    Prajax: What brings you to a place like this?
    Nunya: Well, I used to be a spacer like you, then I took a bullet in the knee.
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    "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water".
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    ∘ (Newbie): Skragna says, "How do I buy this shield if it keeps telling me to BUY SHIELD CONFIRM, but BUY SHIELD CONFIRM is just telling me to BUY SHIELD CONFIRM."

    ∘ (Newbie): Pollivar says, "Try BUY SHIELD CONFIRM CONFIRM."

    I laughed way too hard.
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    wandering star punk

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    I'm not quoting this so much for the contents of the individual quote itself, but rather as an example and some overall commentary for fellow political peeps:

    Celestine Ascendancy news post said:

    INFORMATION REQUEST: If you own a functioning corporation, please send SYLT a MESSAGE with the name, your title and a blurb about the business. Citizen owned corporations will become listed in FHELP CITIZEN CORP.
    WARNING: I will be employing the CCCU you check the legitimacy.


    As always, if you have suggestions, please send them along to me. I am always interested in information that will assist the Celestine Ascendancy as a whole.
    FHELP INDEX will display the datafiles still in the works. They are marked by **.

    Ambassador Sylt V'el
    CEO AICo

    ** Advertisement: Taste the bite of UltraViola(R) today! **

    The irony in the Late Capitalism of Celestine Ascendancy cracks me up. And I mean that in the best of ways. Never change, CA.

    "I'll take care of it, Luke said. And because he said it instead of her, I knew he meant kill. That is what you have to do before you kill, I thought. You have to create an it, where none was before."
    — Margaret Atwood
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    Oh yeah. We all know exactly what we're doing. Sometimes it's fun to just kick back and enjoy the late-stage capitalism.
    I rinsed linen in the pond, I stared at the brewhouse. Like all these long low squat houses, it had been built not for but against. They were built against the forest, against the sea, against the elements, against the world. They had roof-beams and walls and doors and hatred - as though in this part of the world an architect always included hatred among his tools, and said to his apprentice: "Mind you've brought along enough hatred today."
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    You tell Gemini, "You put the GEM in Gemini."
    Gemini tells you, "Awww <3." 
    Gemini tells you, "You put the FLIP in Flipilaria."

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    A Decheeran salvager suplexes you without mercy, strong arms smashing you into the ground.

    @Aurelius Why'd you put Brock Lesnar into a level 40 area? That should at least be level 70.

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    They've all been in a state of perpetual sleepwalking since Dec 15
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    When I tried to REPLY, I got this little gem-

    You tell a polymorphic antivirus, "Oh BOO! I'll have to save up credits."

    I had no idea that antiviruses could be talked to!
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    You can even transfer marks to denizens! (wink wink ehem ehem Subnet muggers)
    itsa Mereas!
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