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Dynasties and RP!

Drawing from the information given here, I'm extremely curious about how dynasties will be used in game. I feel like they give us far more options than standard bloodlining in other IRE games, and given that dynasties will be available at launch, I imagine that we'll see quite a few form immediately. 

The fact that these can be bloodlines, chosen family, corporations, secret organizations or any other group with a chosen common denominator, it seems the RP opportunities much greater than just families. Plus, they're not set in stone like bloodlines so you can quit or be cast out. The ability to set your age at character creation means that those going the family route could bring in their entire family at once. Or a group of former members of a dynasty could easily form a new dynasty that plays on their former name, breeding rivalries.

All this is to say that there's so much potential with dynasties and I'm curious as to how people are going to run with them. So if you have any ideas or plans that you're willing to share, please do. 
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  • First post ever on the forums, and also the reason for creating an account to respond instead of lurk. :P 
    Anyway, I plan on making a mercenary company of sorts, just starting with me and my sister early on, but maybe we will expand and invite more people, not sure yet, but it's going to be an "any job, for the right price" kind of thing. Hopefully, I'm not horrible at the game, and can actually be a decent mercenary. :P
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    I think, and this is certainly not a bad thing, that there will be a lot of mercenary companies out there. What will be great is the innate chance to pvp against one another as well as pve as a pseudo rp form of fulfilling contracts. My hope is that there will be some folks out there willing to send mercs out to pve as well as pvp to fulfill contracts and the like.

    Honestly, my goal is to be able to be PC quest/contract hub at some point. I'm the sick type that enjoys gathering resources and making the monies but can't stand the grinding of pve. We'll see how it goes but I'm looking forward to being one of those people the merc groups come to for jobs.

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  • Dynasties really are gonna be awesome. I'm planning an exploration one that's gonna be open to literally everyone, but based in starmourn. Also, since I'm planning on doing some space-scumbaggery, @Sidney you may expect a lot of orders from me.
  • @Kuraksvi Oh no worries, I will be more than down to fulfil these orders, for a nominal and fair fee of course. ;)
  • A guild for artisans, perhaps? Or oooh a fashion house! Rival fashion houses! 
  • @Sidney How big of a fee are we talking here? I'll pay ya in mined *cough* stolen *cough* resources!
  • I plan to make the Tyrannid Ry'Nari dynasty and dominate the known universe.
  • Reorx said:
    I plan to make the Tyrannid Ry'Nari dynasty and dominate the known universe.
    My W'hoorn will gladly be a rival. :) 
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  • I will not stand for the W'hoorn taking over the Sector! It cannot be allowed! Rise up, people of Starmourn, and throw off your feline would-be overlords!

    Ry'nari is OK.
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