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  • Tanis
    Hey there! Thanks for your interest in the mafia group!

    So right now, pre-beta, we only exist as a Discord server, and basically what we've been doing is asking on a case-by-case basis how the group as a whole feels before we invite/let somebody in. It's kind of a flawed system in that it does kind of limit us to the people we as a group know, but before we can observe someone's in-game behaviour it's our most reliable way of weeding out known drama, y'know? That being said, we've all spent time in multiple IRE games. The original group formed of Lusternia players from Magnagora, but it's since grown to include people from other games, too. If you have any prominent characters you think we might know, we can talk about it.

    If none of us knows you, that doesn't mean you won't be welcomed after beta starts, though! After all, what better way is there to get acquainted with you as a player than to actually play with you, right? So, if we end up not knowing you, just look for me after open beta starts. I plan to jump in day one with a female Krona Scoundrel named Tanis (assuming the name doesn't get sniped from me!) and I'd love to meet and perhaps acquire the services of a good getaway pilot! Hell, even if you decide you don't want to join up by then, I'm always down to meet new people, especially in a new game. Our organization is tentatively titled Scatterhome Acquisitions, Incorporated, by the way! We chose it because it sounds like it could totally be a legit business if not for all the shady shit we're going to be doing in the background. :lol:

    Thanks so much for your interest, by the way! It makes me feel kinda legit and like we're doing something exciting! Hope to hear back from you soon and hope to see you out there once it launches!
    November 2
    • Qitorien
      You might want to use messages, because everyone registered in the forum can see this. Doesn't matter to me, but I thought you might care. ;)
    • Qitorien
      *care that it's not private.
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