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Interview with Justin Walsh/Tecton

He recently did a Q&A here, but as forums aren't visited by most of a game's fans, we did an interview with him as well. Enjoy!


  • We are implementing a few new skills and systems that don’t rely on lessons too, which will be fun, allowing you to progress and advance entirely through in-game actions! when  we get closer can we learn more about these? i'm  curious!!!!
  • So excited... I have been trying to check back every couple of days. Will we get an announcement for release within a week or so of it to be launching, or will it be okay here it is have at it?
  • Previously in this discussion, Aurelius mentioned "When we think we're 1-2 months out, we'll likely announce that though."
  • tbh, they could be ready tomorrow and they won't announce until 12:01 lol,  these guys are like the cia!

  • x____x I'll sell my soul for alpha/beta tester slot lol

  • How does recruiting testers work?
  • Traveler said:
    How does recruiting testers work?
    I have a funny feeling it's the same answer to when we're released. "we will let you know when we are ready"

  • Correct!
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