Announcements post #183: Changes to Ships.

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From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Changes to Ships.

Made a few changes to ships today, namely:

- Tweaked the power capacity for destroyers slightly upward across the board
- Added a new shipsim for superhaulers
- Superhaulers will now handle SLIGHTLY better
- Superhaulers will now come with a medium weapon slot.
- There are also some new Destroyer, Cruise, and Corvette superstructures available for purchase from Serenity Forgeworks and Vertix Luxury Systems. They are expensive, but their stats have been significantly boosted.

If you run into issues with the changes don't hesitate to file a bug, more tweaks coming soon.


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    Really awesome idea, also I like the new superstructures. Closes the gap on auction ships without surpassing them for PvE and PvP. HOWEVER, I have already filed a bug report :D
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