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Elgan wanted for RP but also..

Hi folks,

I'm fairly new to the game but not new to roleplaying or IRE games. I've been around since 2002 and I've played across a vast array of roleplaying games and I like to think I'm a bit good at it.

What I'm looking for is people who want to contribute to a company that my character Vohl is creating. 

The idea is that (I know, probably cheese) Vohl has for (undisclosed reasons) been forced to move to Scatterhome. He'll never reveal the exact details but he'll often tell stories of vague mishaps, the details usually different from person to person depending on his angle but the truth remains that SOMETHING has unseated him from his home planet and forced him to start over in Scatterhome.

He's now trying to hire an all-Elgan crew and form a legitimate company. This would really suit people who enjoy rp'ing as traders, con-artists, sleazers, but above all who're enamoured with the Elgan rp and who're willing to help me really make it shine according to what lore we have. Note: to work for Vohl you need to be Elgan.

The end-goal isn't necessarily to 'win' at Starmourn so if people are not very wise on trading or perhaps more interested in 'bashing' I won't mind. What I'm looking for primarily is good solid roleplay with people who can think outside of the game mechanics and create rp in the spaces between where the props might only exist in emotes and the mechanisms of the rp might also only exist in the shared consensual imagination of those involved. Think for example - something that can't physically be bought or sold or a service like 'matchmaker dating agency' where it's entirely based on RP. That's the kind of innovative thinkers I'm keen to meet and to add to my Elgan stable.

I'm ALSO looking for people who're interested in interacting with above - and I'm open to staging ideas but also improv - less interested in PVP or 'surprise' conflict - so if you want to create some fun drama, please by all means pitch an idea to me, but if you're looking for something that doesn't involve conflict, I'm happy to improv with you as well as stage ideas OOCly for fun storylines.

DISCLAIMER: I do know that conflict will find me regardless of the above gentleman's agreement and I don't plan on crying foul but please be aware that the above is intended to attract what I'm looking for and isn't an exhaustive list or rules of engagement.


  • I dig it, but it may take time to attract enough players. IMO it's worth hanging on to the dream! In the meantime, it may be a good idea to look for contractors (read: not Elgans). Also, in case you're not familiar with the dynasty system, that may be useful to you.
  • Great suggestions - mirroring some thoughts I've been having too. Dynasty might be a longer term goal but I do want to create rp so definitely will think about how to run contractors into things. Thanks for the support. I'm really enjoying the rp I do in my head as much as the rp you see hehe!
  • Shady sleazebag characters.. c'mon and join me even if you're not Elgan. Lets create an ecology of grime - a slumlord empire! I know that this speaks to someone... somewhere..
  • Shady sleazebag characters.. c'mon and join me even if you're not Elgan. Lets create an ecology of grime - a slumlord empire! I know that this speaks to someone... somewhere..

    bumpity bump! still looking!

  • Man, if Sazabi didn't want to be a good guy... this would be so damned fun. Vohl is such a fun character!! xD
  • This is awesome. 

    I've pushed Vohl into gear now and he has become a polarising force which wasn't quite my intention but I'll roll with it!  -- especially needed are 'thug' type characters who want to do bad things and chuckle like beavis and butthead when the boss laughs about something going wrong (or right) and then suddenly stop and look down cause the boss aint laughing along anymore. Then wait a few minutes while he gets on a stool and slaps your character, gets off the stool, and goes back to his desk to light a joint before breaking down the plan on whats going to happen next. Things like that. Or sleazy weasel types, or silent and deadly (not humanoid farts, but bounty hunters) Or greedy fatcats who want to guffaw along with Vohl and not get slapped in the mush, both periodically looking at their marks accounts and starting all over, laughing till their faces hurt.

    There is so much roleplay not being tapped here. Join me in the dark side - it doesn't need to be PVP to be fun or villainous - I've got a broad imagination and seek others with that same ability and scope.
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    I am starting to think that there just isn't the scope for this sort of rp and its getting boring to be more and more isolated to the point where a player actually possible suicided their character because of people hounding them for being associated with my character..

    edit - its possible there was more than one because I've seen a few people drop off shortly after engaging with me and I find that terribly sad for storytelling purposes.

  • How did this turn out?
  • I suggest checking out the last few posts of this thread.
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