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Nanoseer confusion a cry for help.

The problems other classes have had with confusion have been fixed but with that fix it has also made it so nanoseer has trouble attaining a decent pressure to achieve mind kill-con in 1v1.

If there are no valid confusion targets in room then confusion does nothing it becomes a literal dead affliction leading to the counter play of, "I just wont fight if the room has a confusion target". This leads to one of two situations, one: You just don't fight. two: The nanoseer gets very far behind on pressure because their opponent never has to use classheal while the nano does roughly once every three to four balances.

Ill list the comments people had on each suggestion that was brought up in the discord.

There were two proposed changes one that I thought up:

Confusion: Gives target's mind a chance to attack its self instead of performing their chosen action. 20s duration or for 3 hits. Target who is confused cannot attack its self within 3s of attacking itself prior. Have it count as mental, tech, damage scaling off of goggles.

Cubey/Ren's question regarding making it whiff instead of just hitting another target:

Solus concerned that he would just miss every single attack with a 3s bal, as that's his balance:

My reply to the above/Nykara coming in with their suggestion:

Sullivan/Flynn's suggestion that the two should be fixed independently (Which you did by fixing it already via it not targeting guards, or loyal mini-pets):

Cubey saying confusion is fine in a room that has no minipets/guards and Nykara pushing the point that it isn't fine as its a dead affliction.

Vianou's random conversation about confusion making you use an ability that isnt intended instead:

Nykara's suggestion that made me think their suggestion might be better:

at this point the conversation dies down to rambling about random other mechanics and how the damage would be configured until I post up Nykaras suggestion and try to gauge comments on that one.

And one that was thought up by Nykara:

Confusion now bal knocks you for 1.5s and does goggles+mods+artis mental, tech damage on proc.

Comments /Questions:

Steve asking about proc chance:

Albions thoughts and math on how it would work out:

Ata, Nykara, Vianou talking about the missed pressure of enemies not having to classheal:

Both of these options have been talked about pretty thoroughly in the starmourn discord's PK channel. In my opinion while I came up with the first option I do agree that the option nykara refined my idea into seems like a better fit and also introduces another damage type into the damage pool for people to mod for/against with a reason to mod goggles.

as always id love feedback <3


  • Note: This was emailed a bit back, but I figured since I did a whole post on all of the current afflictions, id also try to remedy specifically confusion.
  • I remember writing something like this, but I often write an idea and end up not sharing it. I think this was one of those situations. So here's a different angle on it, possibly? 

    Confusion already works fine if and only if there is something else to target in the room, from what I understand. If I'm wrong on that point, please let me know!

    So considering that nanoseer flavor has them manipulating reality a lot, what if you could have a buff/defence/passive skill where you have nanites making a projection of yourself following you around, sorta like a Mysterio drone? It would be invulnerable, and any skill aimed at it would say something along the lines of "your attack misses entirely as it goes through a holographic projection of Soza". So now you always have a valid target for confusion in the room and it fits the flavor pretty well.

    Thoughts on that approach? 
  • I shudder to think what insanity Poet would come up with if nanite illusions or homunculi were a thing.

    Also, I'm assuming there would be a nanite cost to such a thing, and nanites are already a difficult resource to balance.
  • edited April 2020
    So this type of fix would bring confusion back to what it was when I was picking up a drone, and dropping it every single time I moved, which while I dont't believe was super op, having a confusion target there 100% of the time definitely is very strong and I assume exactly why using loyals in such a way was nerfed in the first place.

    And yes, I agree tying a nanite cost to anything more is already a HUGE hassle as in my opinion I feel personally 12.5m is a more balanced cap than 10m atm, which im not saying its bad that nanoseer has to choose which utility they want. But there is already a HUGE loss of utility just in oblivion (assuming mind route as freeze route doesnt actually have to choose they can just pick it all). You actually miss out on 10/25 of your abilities in the entire OBLIVION tree as you have to have 50% sanity to mindmelt, not to mention the two defences you cant have up if attacking mind cause you need the nanites to attack. Note: Freeze doesnt have this problem, you can just toss all defences on, and you only miss out on 5 abilities in Oblivion.

  • I did not know a nano could get anywhere with muscular. Interesting...
  • Steve said:
    I did not know a nano could get anywhere with muscular. Interesting...

    to be quite honest we shouldnt be able to, but muscular is so overtuned compared to other routes that tbh I currently believe muscular route on nano is the best route. Also I didnt post the muscular info in this thread, it was in the other one, a full log of where I fought Necerursh.
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