How many devs are active on starmourn?

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I'm wondering if i should let myself get excited for this or if i should forget about it for 12 months. Is there alot of activity on the internal repos?


  • AureliusAurelius Administrator Posts: 467 Starmourn staff
    Not quite sure what you're asking or how the # of devs would tell you anything about release date, which maybe is what you're asking about?
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    Though, as Aurelius already said, dunno how that relates directly. :)
    The most concrete thing we know from staff about release is that it'll be a minimum of 1-2 months out (maybe more) from whenever they announce it'll be opening. So, at a minimum I would say not to expect it earlier than the beginning of July.
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    There is daily activity from the devs on both the forums and in the discord channels. IRE has a proven history of success with their MUDs, I would not expect vaporware if that's what you're getting at.
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