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I'm new to Starmourn and MUDs in general and am overwhelmed by the commands that I apparently need to know but don't.  For example, after my ship crashed, I went into the cantina, eventually got into a fight where I flipped over a table and took cover behind it. Do I remember how I did that? Nope.

So, is there a command list that all avatars have access to? I know some are skill based, right? Not those, but a list of commands that everyone can use.

Thanks in advance.


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    Try HELP BASE COMMANDS, to start. There are more specific syntaxes, too. Try searching the HELP system. For example, in your table-flipping scenario, there is HELP PROPS.
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  • LioLio Member Posts: 2
    Great, thanks!

    Is there a help command for combat commands? 

    BTW, is there a way that combat can be slowed down... or maybe made less verbose.  I can't read it all fast enough.
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    Combat commands are almost all class-specific and depend on what abilities you have unlocked. You can check AB for your skill list, AB <skill> for a list of abilities, and AB <skill> <ability> for the ability description. If you use Nexus it's faster to just click on underlined skills.

    All player factions have guides for what abilities are good to use in combat. For Celestine it's FHELP BASICS and FHELP <your class>. I forgot what it was for others, it's been a while. You can also ask on the newbie channel.

    CONFIG COMBATMESSAGES BRIEF will turn messages of player actions into something like: "You: Crackshot -> rockhopper". It won't work on NPC actions but you don't need to read the combat descriptions, they're just for flavor*. All you have to know is "enemy attacks, I lose HP". What you should pay attention to are messages saying you regained balance (which means you can act again) or that you can use your class-specific healing skill again.

    * Okay, there are also channeled enemy attacks that need to be interrupted before they deal a lot of damage, but you won't have to deal with those for quite a while yet.
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    Also, as to your question, you can flip a table (that is flippable) with the syntax... FLIP TABLE. You can then take cover behind it with the syntax TAKE COVER.
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    You're not expected to read it all word for word. Takes a bit of time to get used to it, but you will start to not really skim or speed-read so much as just recognize blocks of text as "shapes"? It's hard to explain but i still remember my first foray into text games. Just walk into this with a Dark Souls mentality (this isn't a Dark Souls difficulty kind of game but the "learn by dying" mechanic fits) for a while, you're going to die a bit. Face some setbacks. But you can always scroll back up and go wtf was that?
    This dying by learning is part of why under level 20 you don't have to pay to respawn.

    If it's something that happens too fast for you to deal with manually (there's alot of that), there's always triggers. If you don't get how triggers work, someone, somewhere at some time is more than willing to explain/walk you through the basics.
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