Announcements post #70: Promotion updates.

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Promotion updates.

Greetings Starmourners,

We hope you've been enjoying this month of exploration. Hot off the presses today is some exciting news today about this month's promotion!


As of today, the vehicles, fish, the warpbag, lesson prizes, hacking proxy and repair boost have left the chests. In their place, we have:

- A RoamTek expedition tent
This durable tent will be a great companion during your travels. You can SETUP TENT anywhere in the world and enjoy a quiet respite or a night under the stars when you ENTER TENT. When you're done, simply EXIT TENT and PACK TENT to move on.

- A sentry drone
Drop this drone anywhere in the world. The next time a personal enemy enters the room, the drone will fly back to you and report on which of your enemies has entered. Note that the person who triggered the drone will also be made aware that they've been spotted.

- Rapid Derma Gen V8000
This artifact will allow you to customize your appearance without the need of a specialized clinic.

Also in the chests:
- A Level 1 Ship Beacon
- A silver-finned dace (fish)
- A collared carpetmaw (fish)
- An iridescent rainbowfish (fish)
- A translucent diamondfish (fish)

Now...don't go away just yet, we have another big thing to announce in just a little while!</pre>
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