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<pre>From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Class Customization Now Available!

Starmourn staff has heard your requests for class customization, and they have been answered! All players may now create their own customizations for class-specific items, including weapons, armor, and loyals (bots). B.E.A.S.T. players may also create a custom description specifically for their suit.

Once you've created a customization, it's yours forever! That means if you find a stronger kithblade or a more protective helmet out there among the stars, you can apply your favorite appearance to it. Writing and submitting class customizations will cost bound credits.

Another feature of class customization is the ability everyone now has to learn/copy the appearance of existing items in game. Doing so costs lessons, and will destroy the item you're scanning, but again, once you learn and add a customization to your available database, it's yours for keeps. That means if you really love the appearance of that low-level chest piece, you can scan it and carry its appearance with you across the stars, applying it to every armor upgrade you obtain. Hope you're all hanging onto the exploration loot you're winning from your xenozoology bounties!

Check out HELP CLASS CUSTOMIZATION to learn the exact commands you'll need to use, and the nitty gritty details about costs, syntax, and guidelines. Have fun with it!</pre>


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    inb4 Infinity Gauntlet  >:)
    Mereas Eyrlock
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    Sounds cool!
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    I really love the effort put in here, but as a BEAST user, the actual result is really pretty bad. So bad I actually don't want it there when people look at me.

    I just splashed my old description on, with my non-suit in the regular slot. Here are my thoughts:
    1) The format is terrible. It should most likely go after the normal description, with at least decent spacing between it and the other things, similar to the regular description slot.
    2) It's extremely long to look at a BEAST user now. This will annoy some, and others won't care.
    3) How are they seeing the pilot AND the suit? Should all BEAST pilots just be writing head descriptions now? What if they're enjoying the iron man or huge battle suit concept, and their head is covered? How does having the description of two separate things do anything but break immersion?

    1) Have a simple command that BEAST users get. Suit Wear; Suit remove. This swaps the two descriptions in the description plane. For bonus fun, allow us to have 'suit up' and 'suit remove' descriptions that play to the room as well. Have it be the first skill learned in SuitTech. (I.E. steal the teradrim morphing from aetolia)
    2) Allow ranged weapon customizations to have their 'attack' messages changed as well. You have no idea how badly I want the ability to have my BEAST shooting plasma or energy rounds. Everyone else in the game gets to use current tech ammo. Why can't I? Pretty please.

    Again, I love the crap out of this entire customization project. I just think BEAST in particular needs a few tiny more changes.
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    Matlkael said:
    inb4 Infinity Gauntlet  >:)
    Man don't bring down the fury of Marvel lawyers on this house... just make a 'Near-Infinite' gauntlet, powered by the Meme Rocks of the Limitless.
    I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
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