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Hey Starmourn Team,

First I wanna make clear, I love what you've put together so far and deeply appreciate the effort so far presented. The following is just some requests/suggestions to open an area of the game back up to my friends and me.

-Ships: My main issue with ships as a game system, is how ANTI-social they are. I'm not sure why this is the only IRE with a ship system that actively rejects allies from helping out while they're with you. I understand there's some sort of fleet setup being designed in the future. But can we make ships actually socially interactive? Also, can we get the doors operating on permissions?
             Suggestion: At the very, very least, can we let allies us our ship beacon? Preferably allow allies to drive your ship, allow Dynasties to own ships. Also Door perms, very important.

-Ship Batteries: I get, the crafting economy is being retooled. That's awesome. But currently, incursions are basically a game function you can't seriously do. Player created batteries do NOT keep up with demand. The Starforge costs do NOT allow you to even break even on trips out. I and two friends actively are trying to create them, and the RNG of finding things along with the extensively too complicated and high resource demand makes it so we can spend 6~ hours a night and not make hardly any batteries.
            Suggestion: Easy fix? Make Starforge batteries/repair kits cheap until you push out the new crafting economy. Alternately, take the RNG crap out of what resources appear AND lower things like the horrific Iriil costs for batteries.
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