Announcements post #63: Stat Artifact revamp and Wheel rotation.

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Stat Artifact revamp and Wheel rotation.

Greetings Starmourners,

Aside from fervently working on our economy updates (about which we'll have some more info for you real soon), we're also looking into our current artifact selection. As such, we've just revamped the way our Stat boosting artifacts work. We felt that they were a bit underwhelming and that we could do a little more with them.
As of now, instead of providing a percentage based boost to their particular stat, the artifacts now add a flat amount of points:
Level 1 - 8 points
Level 2 - 16 points
Level 3 - 24 points
Level 4 - 40 points
Level 5 - 64 points

Also, these points are not affected by diminishing returns, meaning that you will always get full value out of them. You can also see how many points you get from artifacts when you look at STAT SHOW.

To celebrate this, we've rotated the current selection of artifacts available in our current Worldbreaker's Wheel promotion to the following new and old artifacts:

- Level 2 and 3 Regen Stat
- Level 2 and 3 Lifeforce Stat
- Tactical Support Software v1.0/v2.0
- "Stargazer" H.E.T.E Contract
- Crafting Bureau Permit
- Commsphere registration pass - Gender

Also, the Bushraki of New Dikamazi seem to have tampered with the item section of the Worldbreaker's Wheel... It seems it now favors the new Bushraki customization options above other options, so it is probably the best time to get a new look for your character. They've also brought back the smartpaint cans, ad projectors and leesa dispensers and have removed some of the other items... They probably needed the supplies, considering all the destruction laid upon their settlement.
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