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Mudlet 3.21 – Start offline, shrink trigger editor & more!

Three, two, one! Counting down to the next Mudlet version, which lets you open a game offline, or shrink the trigger editor window for example.

Open profile offline

It’s a small thing, but one that has been requested over the years – and one that LiamLeFey has stepped up and added to Mudlet!

You can now open a profile in offline mode – that is, without connecting to your game straight away. This is very useful, if you need to edit or review your scripts in solitude. 

Small trigger editor

SlySven added an awesome feature for users on small screens: The new triangle button hides the advanced options, so you can see more patterns:

Video demonstrating trigger options collapseuncollapse

This feature also auto-activates if you drag the slide to only show just a few trigger patterns. Give us feedback on what you think about this!

Italian translations improved by 27%

Marco Tironi (wiploo) has recently put in a ton of work into translating Mudlet to Italian language and it is now almost finished at 87%! Take a look:

If you want to know about other languages or read a more detailed status of Mudlet translation, look at our recent news on website. For example, the website is now also available in German language.

Qt 5.12

This is a bit of a “behind the scenes” upgrades, but keneanung has put in a lot of work to upgrade the Qt version used by Mudlet in Windows and Linux from 5.10 to 5.12, as well as updated a lot of third-party components used by Mudlet. This’ll help us use newer functionality in creating the Mudlet app for you.


Thanks to all coders: Delra, djholtby, keneanung, Leris, LiamLeFey, SlySven, and vadi2 in this update!

Thanks to all translators: beckham894, eckol, keneanung, Leris, Marco Tironi (wiploo), and vadi2 for doing amazing work!



  • Load your game’s profile in offline mode


  • Simplified texts in Mudlet for easier translation
  • Sped up getRoomIDbyHash() functionality
  • Maximum fire length increased from 99 to 999
  • Mudlet is now built with Qt 5.12 on Linux and Windows, up from 5.10
  • Limit for MXP links raised to 2,000 per console
  • MXP now supports line and default modes
  • Nicer reactions of ansi2decho() when getting anything other than text to display
  • Trigger editor can now collapse automatically to be smaller


  • Custom exit lines changing colour on map formats under version 20
  • Room deletion caused a crash in a rare case on Windows
  • Room numbers are no longer padded with zeroes in the mapper
  • If you installed a package manually first, that the server offers as well, the server couldn’t upgrade it anymore
  • You can add special exits to the first room in your map again

What’s been happening behind the scenes in Mudlet for the last month? Quite a bit! Have a look at the stats:

Note that issues aren’t only error reports but also feature requests, etc.

Take a look for yourself on Mudlet’s development presence on Github.

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