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IlyosIlyos Administrator, Moderator Posts: 96 Starmourn staff
Our HELP system is under constant development. We've been going through and updating / creating new help files, but this is an on-going process and we can really use your input here. What HELP files do you still feel are missing and which of the ones we currently have do you think need updating? (We do have the HELPMOD command in game, but I feel drawing a bit of attention to the system anyway can't hurt)

A few notes: if you run across a HELP file that exists but is empty or has TBD as its content, it means we're working on it and writing it. Also, we are looking into adding a HELPMOD NEW where you can write/suggest your own helpfile.


  • KirinKirin Member Posts: 97 ✭✭✭
    I think my new hobby will be adding help files. 
  • IlyosIlyos Administrator, Moderator Posts: 96 Starmourn staff
    There is now a HELPMOD NEW <topic> function for those who want to create new helpfiles.

    Currently under building by staff:
    - HELP CAC

  • InalmarInalmar Member Posts: 1
    I would like to see help file about different economy classes. I forgot how it's called.
    I am good at mining but poor at refining and factoring. Isn't it called specialization?
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