Sorry y'all

CubeyCubey Member Posts: 329 ✭✭✭
I shouldn't have exploded in the cosmpiercer pvp thread. It was my mistake not to seek communication first and to jump straight to OOC allegations. Apologies to everyone I accused of being griefers or toxic players. I still think we need some kind of agreement to return each others' cargo and possibly INRs, because structured pvp as it is right now is too punishing for rewards it provides.

Make no mistake though, I'm still here generally to bitch provide feedback on the forums and I'm interested mostly in PvP and other content mastery (with a focus on balance and fairness). My character may be kind and full of acceptance of themselves and others - but I'm not them. This is also part of why I didn't admit who my character was until recently, I didn't want IC impressions colored by the OOC person behind the character.

Obviously that's one thing I can't keep a secret anymore so we'll see where it goes from here. Well, that's enough drama from me now.


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