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Operation Pearl Thunder

edited May 2019 in Roleplay
The Celestine Ascendancy has recently established the Special Investigations Section for the Angel Ascension Agency, an RP-focused department with the duty to "neutralize hostile influences that threaten the well-being of local residents and limit effectiveness of Angel Relief Office efforts in dangerous areas of the Ascendancy, especially areas with lowered or no law enforcement presence, and areas with limited governmental presence due to disasters or emergencies."

The first SIS operation, PEARL THUNDER is detailed below.

DESCRIPTION: A Krel trafficking ring has been discovered, feeding victims to
the torture harems of D'harven VI. Their local representative has already been
quietly arrested and has informed us of the next scheduled slave dropoff. We
hope to use this opportunity to insert SIS volunteers into the slave
processing facility, giving them the opportunity to secure the site, free any
prisoners and capture the Krel agents operating there for further
NOTES: Freeform diceless RP event. Some graphic content - torture, slavery,
aliens being shot.

Present was Grek (GM), Vaxis, Juno, Revelin (briefly!), Kitrana and special guest Keinna (who isn't a Celestine, but who volunteered regardless).


  • You say, "Alright. Operation Pearl Thunder is commences now, 1st of Mega, 932. Your mission, now that you have chosen to accept it, is to infiltrate a Vonikin Krel smuggling cartel."

    Kitrana says, "Right."

    Vaxis nods at you.

    Juno Eyrlock nods slowly.

    Looking out at those assembled, you say, "Last year, allied law enforcement aprehended known smuggler Easel Ignin in a sting operation. They have since turned state evidence and given us the name and location of their next scheduled drop off. You will be intercepting this pickup and taking their ship back to the slaver's ultimate destination in Wuntoklan."

    Vaxis says, "Simple enough."

    You say, "With you, ascendants, is an unaffiliated reporter, Keinna, who will be documenting the conditions for public release."

    You say to Keinna, "As a condition of your participation, you will naturally not be revealing the identities of those involved in this operation. We wouldn't want anyone trying for revenge, after all."

    Nodding, Keinna says to you, "Course."

    Revelin affixes his goggles over his eyes, wrinkling his nose to get the fit just right. Checking the straps on his gauntlet he wriggles his fingers as he listens intently.

    You say, "The dropoff is scheduled to happen shortly, at Crossings. You'll be taking the space elevator up  I'll be remaining here for ground support."

    (Crew): You say, "So, this is a freeform RP thing. No rolling, no mechanics, just emotes. A word of advice  the more impactfully you narrate your actions, the more impactfully I'll be narrating the NPC's actions in order to keep the tension steady. Try go with the flow of the group, alright?"

    Revelin says, "They are making the dropoff on Crossings itself? That's bold!"

    You nod at Revelin Corvidae.

    Juno listens, leaned against a panel in the lift, appearing to be inspecting her nails. "We expecting them to be Krell or?" she asks.

    Kitrana says, "How have we never interfered with them before if they are dropping at places like crossings?"

    Keinna says, "Lotta places outta the way on any of those big stations."

    You nod at Keinna.

    Vaxis says, "It's pretty easy to just make passes at the docks, too. Too many people passing to notice anything that's not blatant unless you're looking fori t."

    You say, "We're expecting a Nabian and a Nusriza. Similar operations have been conducted in the past, but under the banner of other organizations, such as the new defunct Redeemer Corp."

    Juno says, "Not to mention the regular flow of packages going through."

    You say, "Naturally, there won't be any actual trafficking victims going in with you. It's up to you how you play that off. Infiltration is an option, as is armed impoundment of the ship."

    Revelin Corvidae nods.

    Vaxis nods.

    Revelin says, "Well, let's get to it then! Operation Pearl Thunder is a go!"

    Revelin says, "...Where is the space elevator?"

    Grek salutes the group as she steps off the lift and pushes the button to send you lot up to space.

    Conversationally, Keinna says, "So, you guys all done this sorta stuff before?"

    (Crew): You say, "And go! You have about 10 IC minutes before you arrive."

    (Crew): You say, "You might want to decide on a plan."

    Kitrana sighs a little says, "Eh i have done a base run before."

    (Crew): Juno says, "We staying here in this room and theatre of the mind again, right?"

    Revelin says, "I've done a little bit of work like this, shaking down a spy. Nothing like a full blown operation though."

    Vaxis says, "I'm recommending infiltration."

    Vaxis says, "There's going to be innocents that will be easily used as hostages."

    Kitrana says, "Last time we had eyes on the base so we could scope things out a little. this time we are going in blind."

    Vaxis says, "Go in. Get control of the facility, get people out, burn the place down."

    Juno nods to Keinna, "Yeah I have" she cuts to the group, "I'm not so sure about burning the place down....and evacuating before we got eyes on our prize will tip 'em off.".

    Vaxis says, "Prize? What is the "prize" here besides getting the people out?"

    Revelin crosses his arms and purses his lips in thought. "Yeah. Sneaky sneak is probably for the best. Not very exciting though.".

    Kitrana says to Juno, "The prize in this case being more krel operatives so we can dig deeper into this whole thing no?"

    Juno Eyrlock nods at Kitrana Corvidae.

    Juno says, "That's my thought here, yes."

    Kitrana says to Juno, "Then I should think we will be flush with prizes. we should get the innocents out of the line of fire fast."

    Vaxis says, "I highly doubt they work in anything resembling a unified structure. I expect this to be a cellbased operation. Too easy to destroy anyhing else."

    Revelin says, "We're going to first need to identify one of them, follow them back to their ship, and take it from there."
    Revelin says, "Or!"
    (Crew): Revelin says, "Hey Grek, what's the name of the ship we're looking for?"
    Revelin says, "Ask ground control."
    Juno weighs this and nods, "Alright, I'll follow ya'lls lead," she announces, reesting a hand on her hip and her P.I.E.C.E.

    (Crew): You say, "The Star Grifter."
    Revelin says, "Okay."
    Kitrana grins says, "Yeah we could get ground control to ground the ship and force our way in. but if they have any slaves inside they become hostages."
    Revelin says to Juno, "Be on the look out for something going in, something you could attach a bug too."
    Vaxis says, "...we could also just let our contact "Sell" us to them."
    Revelin Corvidae shakes his head.
    Revelin says, "We'd have to disarm for that to work."
    Vaxis says, "...I can freeze someone to death in my underwear."

    Vaxis says to Keinna, "You're not allowed to report that."
    Juno shakes her head, "I'm not disarming, but I'm ready to bug 'em.".
    Kitrana says, "Meanwhile I am rather helpless without my gear. i do not like that plan."

    Revelin says to Vaxis, "I was thinking you could slip into oblivion."

    Vaxis says to Revelin, "What do you mean?"

    Revelin says to Vaxis, "You know, invisible your way on."

    Crackling in over the comms, you say, "Arrival in 5 minutes, folks. Game faces on!"
    Vaxis says, "Oh, I could do that, yeah. It tends to be hard to get through an airlock, but if just want me to take control of the ship, that's not hard."

    Kitrana says to Vaxis, "You sneak in while they are unloading."
    Revelin Corvidae nods.
    Vaxis shrugs helplessly.
    Juno says, "So what's it we doing first securing civies or getting our eyes on that ship so we know where to go after?"
    Revelin Corvidae nods.
    Vaxis says, "Alright. Easy enough. I'll need someone on the commsphere handling their security, they'll see me on their internals if you don't."
    Revelin says, "Yup. Assess the guard situation."

    Revelin says to Juno, "You should probably bug the cargo too, huh?"

    Keinna says, "I'm guessing y'all just want me to hang back, yeah?"

    Kitrana says to Vaxis, "Well I am a fair hand at hacking."

    Juno nods at Revelin, "Yeah I'm prepped for that, got plenty of bugs" she glances in Keinna's direction, nodding before continuing, "Soon as I can, I'll get to placing the bugs.".
    Revelin says to Keinna, "Set yourself up somewhere public and keep an eye out for anything you think is off."
    With a nod, Keinna says, "Sure. Can do."
    Revelin says, "So Vaxxis gets Intel on the ship..."
    Kitrana says to Vaxis, "Just find me a terminal I can use."
    Revelin Corvidae ponders the situation.
    Vaxis says, "Intel, or control?"
    Revelin says, "Okay. Vaxis in ship. Juno looks out for cargo and bug chances. Kitrana on standby for terminals."
    Vaxis says, "Cuz I can just subvert the pilot."
    Kitrana says to Vaxis, "Any terminal I can use to scramble internal sensors so they will not find you."
    Vaxis says to Kitrana, "Just using Crossings comm connection, they have to verify for docking permissions."
    Revelin says to Vaxis, "Intel at first, but if you see a golden opertunity, take it."
    Kitrana nods says to Vaxis, "Right."
    Juno frowns, "Could Kitrana perhaps hack the crossing terminals, find out where the ship was docked if it came in that way?".
    Juno thoughtfully says, "Then we can hone in on the platform they're coming in on."

    Revelin says, "We'll assess what's going on with the drop off, and what's happening on the ship and take it from there."

    Revelin says to Kitrana, "You can try logging into the crossings using my password, it's "Ilikebigyogapants"."

    The corners of Revelin Corvidae's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

    Juno Eyrlock blinks.

    Kitrana says to Revelin, "Somehow I do not think that will work."

  • As you five arrive at your destination, the airlock opens up on one of the Celestine Crossings numerous cargo bays a underlit region of the station clearly not intended for passenger travel. The area has a few cargo workers bustling around and, at the far end, a public commsphere terminal with the words "CARGO ROUTER" written above it. Grek says, "Alright, this is your last chance to back out. Once you make it back, you're heroes. So come back safe, understood?".

    Vaxis says to Kitrana, "You'd be surprised, he's a guardian."

    Kitrana chuckles and jokingly says says, "Charge!"

    Kitrana goes over to the cargo router terminal and starts trying to find out if it has a connection with the slaver's ship that they can exploit.

    Vaxis says, "The router probably just tells us the manifests. Look for The Star Grifter."

    Revelin steps from the lift and has a look around "I'm not familiar with this section of Crossings." He glances between the workers before approaching Kitrana to observe over their shoulder.

    Juno awaits for the group to fan out, giveing them a headstart before strolling out from the lift. Making her way casually past the crew of workers, she greets with a slight nod. "'sposed to be off today," she complains, "and boss got me out here picking up something. Would'ya believe it? Looks like we grunts out here gotta do all the heavy lifting, am I right?".

    Kitrana rolls their eyes slightly but does not stop looking says to Vaxis, "Well yes but and of course I will also do that but sometimes it is connections like these which security over looks."

    Kitrana looks up the star grifter to find out where exactly on the station the drekking ship is.

    (Crew): You say, "Kitrana: The terminal is not well secured, and breaking the encryption is short work for a skilled hacker. Each of the vessels docked here has their name, transponder code, flight path and alleged cargo listed. The Star Grifter claims to be carrying "mining equipment" to an uninhabited asteroid in Krel Space. It is currently docked at cargo port 217."

    Revelin points at the screen "There. Docking port 217. Let's get moving that way." He backs away from the terminal and begins to head in the direction of docking port 217.

    Vaxis nods after Revelin and steps out towards the docks, moving through a crowd of Jin looking confused and disappearing into invisibility in the space between blinks.

    (Crew): Juno says, "Grek, any of these workers I'm talking to nabian or Nusriza?"

    (Crew): You say, "Juno: They're mostly Tukkav and Nath-el. But as you get nearer to the port in question, you spy a Nusriza in a spacer's jumpsuit. Bright blue feathers, nervous look."

    Still lingering back, Juno slowly makes her way towards the platform, pausing to chat up crews as she passes, offering always some form of greeting or joke. As she nears the Nusriza she flashes a grin, producing a leesa joint. "Rough work out here, thought I'd catch a break myself, join me?".

    Still lingering nearby the elevator, Keinna begins following the moving group as the progress throughout the station's underbelly, remaining a fair distance from each member of the team, and glancing between each as though trying to keep track of them all at once as they go about their work.

    (Crew): You say, "He gives you a briefly skeptical look, but accepts the joint. "Dyjak Uleo. You one of the new loading teams or something?"

    With the worker currently occupied and Keinna holding back, Kitrana nonchalantly busies themselves trying to find a terminal which might lead to some of the Grifter's internal systems, once found they proceed to start trying to hack their way into the Star Grifter.

    (Crew): You say, "Kitrana: The only such terminal would be attached to the Star Grifter. You'll need a distraction."

    Revelin assesses the situation as the group approaches docking port 217. Finding a wall on which to look inconspicuous he leans back and produces a datapad from his pocket, thumbing through it to appear with purpose. Every few moments his eyes glanced up, watching the port for movement.

    Vaxis moves in close to the ship, invisible, waiting for his opportunity to slip in as he lets the group arrange circumstances.

    "Zuma Vroom," Juno says, lighting the joint. She starts to bring it to her lips and then laughs suddenly, shaking her head, "Where are my manners, here Dyjak take first hit." She passes those smoldering leesa skins over, nodding at the Nusriza, "Yeah, last minute hire, kinda got in deep owing too much for--" she nods towards the leesa joint, "you know dust and all that. Gotta work my debt off, ya know, but first day on the job. It was this or, well, you know how it is!" She laughs again, clapping that Nusriza on the back, palmed in her hand a bug she attempts to place discretely there, "Was told to meet up with the crew down here if I knew what was good for me. Help me out?".

    (Crew): You say, "The Nusriza's eyes light up as he realizes what you're suggesting. "You remember who sent you? Because I'm expecting about a half dozen good strong backs to help us load our cargo and they haven't got here yet."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "That is a good point who needs distracting so i can hack the console?"

    (Crew): You say, "The guy Juno just successfully distracted, actually."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Awesome thanks juno."

    (Crew): You say, "Kitrana: You only have time to do a couple things, so pick two out of: Disable internal sensors, get the real flight logs, install an override for the shuttle engines, or change the door lock codes."

    Keinna remains roughly where she is, moving only to find a nearby wall to lean on where she can keep a good watch on the goings on about her.

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Oh seriously? sure give me three hard ones and pick two. well snesors of course otherwise vaxi is screwed. and i guess door lock codes, since i presume i can then tell vaxis over secure comms."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "I can handle doors."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "The flight logs are more important."

    (Crew): Juno says, "((Doing this here)) Juno's voice sounds in your ears: "Hey, wanna  infilitrate as the crew? I think maybe I can fool this guy if you all play along."."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "So you want flight logs? Ok belay that."

    Kitrana grinning as they see Juno distract the only other person not on their team they discreetly cancel the drone harass programme they were setting up and start hacking the system aiming for internal sensors and the true flight logs.

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "I'm fine if you want to act as crew, or to just take the ship wholesale."

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna: You spy a one-eyed Nabian trundling out from behind the ship, holding a slurpie in two hands and a data slate in the third. He's wearing the same uniform as the Nusriza."

    Revelin passes through the crowd as he notices Juno getting more comfortable with the guard. From his vantage he notices Kitrana's success at the terminal and motions for them to join him with a sidelong nod. "There you are!" He clasped a hand on Juno's shoulder. "Did you find the contact yet? The sooner we get this done the sooner we can do anything else!"

    Vaxis remains hovering nearby, keeping an eye out as he watches the progress of the group, preparing to move in as soon as things change.

    Revelin sadly tells you, "//Two turns and then I have to go. I really don't wanna but I work tomorrow in the a.m."

    You tell Revelin, "// alright, I'll work something out."

    Revelin tells you, "//Maybe some sort of emergency that requires a Guardians attention? I dunno. Thank you Greksie."

    Juno flashes Revelin a grin, "Yeah yeah, Vex, this here is Dyjak, Dyjak, Vex." She folds her hand shifting back, "Got told if I brought folks to lift, count as more off my debt," she goes onto explain, "and I get my stuff from Staxx, a distributer for the--" her voice lowers, "cartel, but he don't give me names like that, just ways to work off my debt, you know?" Without missing a beat, she points a finger towards that joint, "Oi, you ever learn to blow smoke rings? Me, I can blow the biiiiiiiiigest rings, two even, working on three.".

    (Crew): Juno says, "We'll see just how much that leesa affecting his care levels, XD."

    (Crew): You say, "The Nusriza nods along as if this is definitely reasonable. "Alright, there's the two of you. Where's the rest of your batch? I gotta have at least six of you. Quotas."

    (Crew): You say, "The Nabian, meanwhile furrows what remains of his brows together, staring at Revelin. "Don't I recognize you from somewhere. You're... Whatseirface, that good looking politician. The Kithy one. With the sword. Ren? Ain't you?"

    Juno tells you, "//ahahahahaha."

    (Crew): You say, "I'm setting up for Revelin to exit stage right here, since he's gotta log out."

    Kitrana comes out of hacking to see the group forming up around Juno. Deciding that drawing attention away from wherever Vaxis might be and towards this could be advantageous on several levels. As they walk over to Juno, they speak up say, "Oi you found our contact yet?"

    (Crew): Juno says, "Point of reference, has the Nabian joined with Juno and the Nusriza?"

    (Crew): You say, "Yeah, he's standing next to you."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Keinna, thinking you better join us with us real quick if ya gonna keep watch and Vaxis, you stay invis and watch our backs?"

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "Was the plan."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Alright."

    Revelin glares at the Nabian a moment "Do I look like I carry a flakking sword?!" He points to the goggles around his head with his gauntlet. He then scoffs at the notion.  "You need to get your eyes checked. I'm Vex." He turns to Juno "Well if this is the spot, I'll know where to send the others. They are back at the hub." Turning back the way he came he waved over his shoulder. "And make sure you double check the manifest! We don't want anything not accounted for!".

    (Crew): Revelin says, "Have lots of fun for me everyone."

    (Crew): Revelin happily says, "Thanks for running this Greksie. You're the best."

    (Crew): You say, "The Nabian appears suspicious, but accepts this "Vex" as legitimate. For now."

    (Crew): You say, "And thanks, Reve. Wish you could stay, but sleep conquers all."
  • Vaxis sticks close, not revealing his presence, not even letting his feet touch the floor as he observes.

    (Crew): You say, "Dyjak gestures for you all to board the shuttle. "Come on, no sense standing out here in the middle of nowhere, right?"

    Juno points a finger towards the Nabian, "Ah, got one of 'em slushies yeah? They make 'em good here, purple's my favorite flavor." Her head ticks towards Kitrana, "This here's Selena," and them she steps away, squinting past the crew and then suddenly raises a hand, beckoning Keinna over, "That's it, that's the last of my crew," she says, "and yea, let's get outta here 'fore we -doget noticed." She heads towards the ship, lingering back, offering the others boarding first, awaiting Keinna's arrival.

    Keinna pushes off the wall, and crosses quickly to join Juno and the rest of the group.

    Kitrana joins the group as we all board the shuttle readying their drone for a quick harass action in case someone decides they are the slaves when they get to their destination.

    Vaxis slips in as well, staying out of the way as he moves into the ship.

    (Crew): You say, "The Nabian inquires as to whether this is all of you. His expression indicates that your answer had better not be "yes."

    Now on board,  Juno fishes into her vest, producing yet another leesa joint, but the Nabian's questioning seems to give her pause. "Wait, wait, that's right," she laughs, indicating the joint, "you know how it is, yeah, should be one more. Ol' Cosmo, Dex said he was coming for the job right?" she glances to the others for their confirmation as she lights this one up, offering it to the Nabian, "Dunno where my manners are, want one while we wait on Cosmo, sorry that guy's slow as Flakk, but I promise you, he's got the right back for the work.".

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "On comm: I'm starting to feel like violence may be the answer here."

    (Crew): Juno says, "On comm: We got control of the ship?"

    (Crew): You say, "Dyjak looks over to the Nabian and says, "Mrax, that bug-eyed flakker shorted us. He didn't send enough of them. We can't show up at Sunhollow Spires with just four guys. Boss Zijas will skin my family if we try something like that."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "On comm: Sadly no I focused on internal sensors and flight path when I did the hacking. We will have to grab control of it once on board."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "On comm: I can get in pretty quick if you can keep them busy for a few."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Just com in like you're part of the crew, if we decide to take it over, we can still do it, but let's play along and assess the situation on board."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "On comm: they are very busy right now go go."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "So which is it?"

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "On comm: this guy wants 6 people, do do not have 6 people."

    (Crew): Juno says, "On comm: Be the last crew member and put these flakkers at ease long enough for us to figure out if we should take em out or not."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Us four and them two, that's six."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "You mind if I skip ahead in the order then so I can just get on the ship "legit"?"

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Go for it."

    Vaxis slips off the ship, then walks around the corner, visible this time, and visibly out of breath, "Ve...Vex sent me ahead...sorry I'm late."

    Pointing out and counting people out, Juno says, "There we go, six of us here, we are goooood to go. Don't worry Dyjak, we're all here, you're feather's ain't roasted yet."

    "Come on," Keinna grouses. "Let's get going, eh?".

    (Crew): You say, "Mrax Phofit steps into the pilot's capsule and presses the button to pull up the cargo ramp. "Looks like we have just enough, then, yep."

    Juno tells you, "//can you give us a little backdrop on what's in this ship, the cargo there or we heading to it?"

    You tell Juno, "// sure."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "Where's the flight manifest say we're going, and where has it been?"

    (Crew): You say, "The cargo hold is an unorthodox model, with several flight harnesses, thick blast doors and an unusual number of vents. The true flight manifest lists that this vessel has been making a triangle route between Paskal, Crossings and Wuntoklan for the last five years."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Are the vents big enough for my drone to slip into?"

    (Crew): You say, "Yep."

    (Crew): Juno says, "On coms: Looks like the cargo's not here. We should hold off on doing anything to these two until that cargo's collected and we can get them back to safety, yes?"

    Kitrana sends holds back slightly on boarding just long enough to order their drone to slip into the vents and begin mapping them out says, "So where is the cargo we are supposed to be loading and unloading?"

    (Crew): You say, "The Nabian rumbles over the intercomm: "Be a pain getting a new co-pilot, but I told you that Ignin was unreliable. Either way, you, them and your folks makes eight. That's more than plenty for me to make my quota. Say hello to the Boss for me, spacer." Gas starts filling the room; you estimate that you have at most a minute before the cargo hold is filled."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Dont go for the door locks you said, you can handle doors you said."

    "We are the flakking cargo" Keinna growls. Her kithblade whips around, flaring to life suddenly as the edge begins to burn hot. "See if we can't seal these vents somehow." She slams her blade into the nearest door with all her kith-fueled strength.

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Hmmmm them doors what are they made of?"

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "Heavy blast doors."

    (Crew): You say, "A thick layer of paristeel."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "I was asking about material. if it is magnetic enough i might be able to use my magnotron to open them a crack."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Or maybe use my shrink ray."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Thoughts?"

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Nobody has any thoughts on my ideas?"

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Worth a try."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Shrink ray it is."

    (Crew): Juno says, "The time constraint is a minute before gas gets in, so whatever's fast."

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna: The door sputters and sprays molten steel, but the metal is thick. While you could definitely cut through a metal door this size, you're not sure that you'll have time with the gas filling the room."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "I'll cut a small hole if Kitrana can shrink through, maybe."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Or...try."

    (Crew): Juno says, "((how we ruling the time on a minute here? How many rounds?))"

    Kitrana lets out a loud stream of curses as they connect a qpc up to their shrink ray hoping the power boost from the qpc gives the device enough of a boost to shrink the door enough to matter they shout just before they fire the shrink ray on the door says, "Stand back!"

    (Crew): You say, "One set of actions to either escape, or find a way to get breathable air."

    Vaxis rolls his eyes, expecting this, and moves to the vents, immediately setting to clogging them with thick layers of frost.

    (Crew): You say, "The door twists and warps as parts of it shrink at a different rate than others. Visible gaps open between the frame and the door, enough for some of the gas to seep through to the other side. Dyjak leaps to help Vaxis, stuffing chunks of his jumpsuit into the vents."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "That should buy us a moment i hope."

    (Crew): Juno says, "This cargo door opens us to the rest of the ship or this breeching space?"

    (Crew): Juno says, "Trying to get a point of reference!"

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna, which door were you cutting open?"

    (Crew): You say, "I assume the rest of the ship, but it occurs to me that you didn't actually say."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Yeah, the ship, not space."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "I was aiming for the door to the rest of the ship. part of my hope is that with gas leaking into the ship they will turn it off in here."

    (Crew): You say, "You can see Mrax through the gap in the door, wearing a drop-down emergency oxygen mask."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Of course."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Juno i think you are up."

    Juno grabs a handhold of melters, tossing them towards the door, "Get down!" she shouts, moments later they detonate, a series of small scale explosions as she falls back to the other edge of the ship.

    (Crew): Juno says, "I HOPE the gas isn't flammable >__>."

    (Crew): You say, "If it was, the kithblade would have ignited it."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Yeah, I sat there debating and guessing the same thing."

    (Crew): You say, "So to be 100% clear: you're opening a hole to vacuum?"

    (Crew): You say, "Or just blowing up the other compartment?"

    With eyes on Mrax through the gap in the door, and more importantly his oxygen mask, Keinna grits her teeth and exhales sharply, focusing on the mask with star kith in an effort to set it alight.

    (Crew): You say, "Alright. The door at this point is abused enough that it falls out into the cargo hold with a thunderous clatter. The Nabian is presently coating the pilot's cabin like a fresh coat of paint."
  • (Crew): You say, "You are now on an uncontrolled cargo freighter flying out of Celestine space on autopilot. The co-pilot of the operation is here with you. What do you all do?"

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "I recommend turning off the gas."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Seconded."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "I assume it is keinnas turn but ok i shall go do this thing."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Oh, is it? I did a thing, I thought it was yours."

    (Crew): You say, "Kitrana's turn, yep."

    Kitrana quickly walks up to the controls of the ship knocking the co-pilot out of their way with their drone and shuts down the flow of gas.

    Vaxis moves in, immediately enveloping Dyjak in a cloud of nanites and says in a voice that promises violence, "You don't want to move.".

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Heh we wrecked a blast door in 3 moves."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Kitrana successful?"

    (Crew): You say, "Dyjak puts his hands up, "Please don't hurt me. I promise, I didn't want to do it!" The gas stops filling the room and the automated recyclers kick back in, draining what has already pooled up at the floor."

    Juno steps on past Dyjak, on to the ship's controls, frowning at the consoles. "Looks like we're still headed into Krel space," she calls back, "we want to intercept this?" She looks back, leaving room for another to take the pilot's position as she turns her attention next to the bridge and everything contained therein.

    Kitrana looks over the controls and the ships systems looking to make sure there are no traps in the ships systems to prevent people from doing exactly what they are doing right now.

    (Crew): You say, "Dyjak still has his hands up. "They've got a bubble hab inside one of the asteroid belts. We drop off the cargo there, and if we bring back enough, Boss Zijas pays us enough to get out of debt. It's set up to look like a swamp world, and the slaves get made to organize into 'tribes' and fight for the Krel's amusement."

    (Crew): You say, "Kitrana: The controls are hard to make out, given the viscera coating the furniture and equipment. A half-melted slushie cup is sitting in the pilot's seat, leaking purple fluids onto the floor. But from what you can make out, you're currently pointed directly at Wuntoklan. The Star Wuntoklan, in fact."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Can I take a reaction shot to that?"

    (Crew): You say, "Sure."

    Kitrana frowns looking over the controls sounding concerned as they speak says, "Uh guys someone set the ship on a crash course...with wuntoklan, as in the star."

    Vaxis says, "It's probably set as a waypoint, with a pilot who'd adjust course once in system."

    Vaxis says, "We know where it goes, we have the manifest, punch in the coordinates."

    Vaxis looks at the co-pilot, "You're going to behave, or you're going to end up like your friend. I don', Krel, and I -reallydon't like people who help them.".

    Juno comes to the controls as well, reaching in to punch in some coordinates, "There, we're still heading into Wuntoklan space, just a bit coreward from the sun." She steps back, freeing the controls once more and approaching the co-pilot. "That drop point, who's gonna be meeting us when we get there, and how many you expecting to see?".

    (Crew): You say, "The co-pilot stammers out that you can expect about four Krel guards, who take the prisoners inside. On arrival, either he or Mrax Phofit is supposed to visit the Boss and keep him up to date on the operation and to receive their pay. He begs you not to go in there, claiming that the Krel have his family and will torture them if he flaks this up."

    "Tell us more about the boss," Keinna demands. "What's his deal. Apart from the fact he's got your family hostage."

    (Crew): You say, "He explains that Boss Zijas styles himself as a 'connoisseur' of suffering, and likes to lash his slaves and then make them crawl through the salt marshes while giant insects blood darters swarm around them and inject them with agonizing venoms. Every Krel delights in torments like this, but Boss Zijas does it as an artform, and broadcasts it for other Krel to view."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "I am really not sure what to do here."

    (Crew): Juno sadly says, "I don't have the backlog anymore so I can't check."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "You can just pass?"

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "I am passing."

    Kitrana listens to the conversation while monitoring the ships systems.

    (Crew): Juno says, "But I think we're supposed to be entering the slave processing facility to secure the site."

    Vaxis growls, sickened, and says, "Okay. He dies, we're going to have to move quickly. How many guards are in the facility, or is it just the four from processing?".

    (Crew): You say, "There's supposedly around a hundred and thirty slaves onboard, all of them equiped with shock collars. There should only be five Krel on site Boss Zijas and his 'neices'. All of them have access to the shock collars."

    Vaxis says, "Okay. We can deal with that. Each of us can hit one, and get them before they can use the hostages against us. The boss is -mine-"

    "What about your family," Juno asks next, "you say the Boss has 'em or they among the prisoners?" This she asks, her primary focus always on the trajectory of the ship, correcting the AI from an astroid, resetting the course for the processing facility.

    (Crew): You say, "Dyjak says that his wife and his two kids still hatchlings are kept in an apartment in with the Krel in order to ensure his good behavior. The Boss has promised to release them once he's paid off his debts."

    (Crew): You say, "So! You're just about to dock at the station. What's your plan?"

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "Possible plan."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "Co-pilot goes to boss. I go with him invisible. Nanite control boss, kill. Everyone else each targets one of the niece/guards at once, move for an alpha strike, then call in some ships to evac."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Well I am just going to have my shardflinger blast the first krel it sees."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Or I was."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Basically waiting for Vaxis and Co-pilot to get off board, and if any Kel came on board, gonna attack 'em or otherwise await for com communication on the OK to attack."

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna, you on board with this idea?"

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Yeah, if everyone's agreed, I can go along."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Well you got another plan? It's ok to have more, I just don't have a plan and that seems fine for me."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Nothing better, no."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "Are we good to continue?"

    (Crew): Juno says, "Yeah I am, and uh, we wanna maybe start with vaxis?"

    (Crew): You say, "Dyjak informs you that the slaves are supposed to all be passed out at this point of the delivery, while the collars go on them. The guards will be suspicious if this isn't the case. But other than that, you're good to go."

    (Crew): Juno says, "On coms: No flakking way."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "On comms: a hell and a no."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "I can disable the collars pretty easy with nanites."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "On comms: We can spoof that pretty easily."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "On comms: You disable them first then I will consider putting on a krell slave collar."

    (Crew): Juno says, "On coms: You tell that Co-Pilot that if they come on board this ship, they're going to know something's off."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "On comms: We can fake the collars and have him pull them out. There's no reason to check the ship, and if they insist, we'll go in hot."

    (Crew): Juno says, "On Comms: Yeah alright, but if anyone tries to put a collar on me and I don't trust that it's disabled, I'm going in hot."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "On Comms: Seems like we've got a plan, then."

    Juno steps around to the Co-pilot, "Alright, here's what's going to happen, this one--" she points a finger at Vaxis, "Is gonna be shadowing you, and there will be nanites on your body. You best believe you won't live to see what happens to your family if you attempt to do anything, we--" she looks to the other two people, "are going to play along.".

    (Crew): You say, "Juno: As Vaxis and the co-pilot disembark for the waiting hovercraft, you can see the guards approaching the freighter in the distance. They're hideous creatures, like a warty zhubeast covered in trifurcated tentacles and massive pincers. The mouth is easily the worst part, though, as wide as the entire creature and filled with teeth."

    (Crew): You say, "Https:// for those not familiar."

    (Crew): You say, "These particular Krel are wearing battle harnesses and have distinctive tattoos on their flanks."

    -considerable discussion as to the layout of docks cut for brevity-

    (Crew): You say, "All of you are currently at the docks, where the ship is parked. Vaxis and the co-pilot are getting ready to leave. Kitrana, Keinna and Juno are pretending to be unconscious, wearing disabled shock collars. The ship is closed, so that the guards don't see the evidence of the fighting."

    (Crew): You say, "We're going to resolve the situation at the docks with the majority of the group first. Then the bit with the Boss."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Ok. Are you gonna step things forward before I emote?"

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Wait what, but if we do anything wont the boss like fuck over the family?"

    (Crew): Juno says, "I think this is simultaneous stuff."

    (Crew): You say, "I was just about to get to that. It's simultaneous, but happening in two different places."

  • (Crew): You say, "When the guards arrive at the docks, Vaxis is within sight of the island, but not in the room with Boss Zijas. You three at the docks have the choice to either continue playing dead, putting you in a worse position when it comes time to fight, OR to attack the Krel now, but risk the shock collars going off. The longer you wait, the better it goes for the slaves, but the more danger you yourselves are in."

    (Crew): You say, "Juno: You're up. What's your call?"

    Juno makes no move, still feigning unconsciousness, even as the Krel venture nearer.

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna?"

    (Crew): Juno says, "OOC: No wrong moves here, group can't communicate cus they don't want to have too much brain activity, go with your gut."

    Keinna remains still and 'unconcious' not moving as the guards draw closer.

    (Crew): You say, "And Kitrana?"

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "So the guards attention is all on us?"

    (Crew): You say, "Yep."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Hmmmm discreet drone move or no. nah not yet."

    (Crew): You say, "You can try to do something they won't notice, but it would be difficult."

    Kitrana also continues to fake being unconscious.

    (Crew): You say, "At this point, Vaxis is in the elevator with Dyjak. It smells like nervous Nusriza. Juno?"

    (Crew): You say, "The Krel are standing above you, incidentally."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "What do THEY smell like?"

    (Crew): You say, "Like if you dipped a whale in a swamp, then it threw up through its blowhole."

    Juno chooses this moment to make her move, her hand reaching for her piece and fire's a shot, aiming for a pointblank shot to the head, stunning the closest Krel.

    (Crew): You say, "Speaking of chucks of organic material spraying out of holes in the tops of swamp-dwelling lifeforms, the Krel next to Juno is currently sporting a new orifice. It crashes into the water. Strangely, you hear buzzing in the distance."

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna?"

    Keinna's fingers tighten around the hilt of her blade, surging to her feet, raising her weapon in an upward slash towards the torso of the closest of the Krel guards.

    Kitrana rolls over deploying a folded up multibarreled shardflinger turret which proceeds to blast six kinds of crap out of the nearest krell.

    (Crew): You say, "The Krel is flung back by the force, a pincer severed. It bellows in horror, charging toward the group. The shardflinger winds up and installs a hefty serving of lead into the charging Krel, but it comes within a meter before collasping into the muck. The third Krel lingers back, using its telepathy to lash out at Juno!"

    (Crew): Juno says, "My go again or Vaxis?"

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "I am waiting."

    (Crew): You say, "Juno's up. Vaxis will be in the room with the Krel boss after this round."

    Juno suddenly lets out a scream, falling to her knees, one hand rising to her head, the other still wielding that piece, though her aim is wild as she fires off the shot in the general direction of the Krel.

    (Crew): You say, "The dying Krel that had been shot before lashes a tentacle out toward Kitrana, attempting to pick up and throw the Amaian."

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna?"

    (Crew): You say, "Will resolve Juno's shots after I figure out who may or may not be in the way."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "It might be wiser to let me be thrown. My turret is going to end this guy if you dont."

    Keinna's head snaps in the direction of Juno, and then towards the third Krel. With a furious roar she leaps across the distance, hurtling towards it, and slashing downwards with her blade like a small, crashing meteor.

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Anyone krell left alive on the docks?"

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna is struck in the side by one of the bullets, but the Krel is bisected, both halves falling steaming into the swamp. The last of the Krel flings Kitrana into a nearby tree before crashing into the swamp, defeated. The buzzing in the distance grows only louder, however, and you can see shapes moving through the treeline. Thousands of rat-sized flying insects!"

    (Crew): You say, "Congratulations, all of the blood spilt has attracted the blood darter colony."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Remind me what the blood darters are?"

    (Crew): You say, "// giant mosquitoes."

    (Crew): You say, "Vaxis: As you step out of the elevator, you can see a very angry and very tattoo'd Krel wielding a nanoseer's gauntlet on one claw."

    Kitrana yells loudly making a loud thumping sound as they crash into a tree where they partially collapse as their stimjector begins healing them. Their turret swivels around to the new enemy the swarm of insects and begins opening fire.

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "Remember we want this one alive for interogation."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "Is the combat ongoing, like did I hear combat or anything?"

    (Crew): You say, "You can hear gunshots and sizzling and the flapping of wings."

    Vaxis immediately steps in, and instead of waiting for the Krel to say anything, immediately envelops it in nanites, moving to invade its nervous system with absolutely vicious efficiency.

    (Crew): You say, "The mouth on Boss Zijas twists into a full body grin, the madness of the Empyreals evident in his eyes. Horrific visions assault your mind, histories of suffering endured and enjoyed, suffered and savoured. Dyjak collapses into a heap beside you."

    (Crew): You say, "Juno: What are you doing about the swarm?"

    Her head finally clear, Juno climbs up to her feet and goes charging towards Keinna, unloading a barrage of bullets, along side Kitrana's turrets, as they swivel their aims in the directions of the swarming insects.

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna, your plan?"

    The bullet to her side throws of Keinna's landing, and though she manages to slice her taret in two, she staggers to one side before catching herself. She presses a hand to where the bullet struck her, blade in the other and slashes it through the air between herself and the oncoming swarm, flinging a wave of heat and fire at the darters.

    Kitrana gets up and runs back to their turret taking manual control of it increasing its rate of fire as they continue firing lead into the swarm of insects.

    (Crew): Juno says, "On comms: Flakk these bugs, think we can outrun them and get to the compound?"

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "On comms: or back to the ship?"

    (Crew): You say, "The blood darters have carried off both halves of Keinna's defeated Krel and are stabbing their venomous stingers into the other two. Some try to get at Keinna's open wound, but the burning star kith keeps them well back as the other two thin the flock bullet by bullet."

    Vaxis clenches his teeth, biting down a scream as blood leaks from his eyes, but he doesn't stop. Void kith clouds over his eyes, anger, hate, and destructive fury painting his face into a mask of rage. He takes steps slowly towards the Krel, his nanites still invading the beast's body, eating their way into the core of the monstrous being as frost begins to form in his hair from the barely-contained kith raging in his body.

    (Crew): You say, "Distantly, you hear screaming from the floors below. Or at least, you think that's from the floors below. It is hard to tell with all of the rest of the screaming, coming from within. You are very cold, but Boss Zijas is very brittle now. Parts of the Krel crumble away, into silver laughing dust. All that is left in the end is a desk-sized gauntlet and an INR."

    (Crew): You say, "Juno: The situation with the darters is becoming untenable. What will you do?"

    "Flakk these things, let's make a run for it," Juno calls out, still she stays near to Keinna, only pressing onwards towards the compound once she and Kitrana have begun to move. As an extra measure, she lobs another IED towards the largest swarm, this one releasing a powerful wave that scatters the bloodsuckers, forcing them back and away.

    (Crew): You say, "Keinna?"

    Keinna flicks her blade, throwing another scorching wave of fire and heat at the swarming insects, and follow Juno's instruction, heading towards the compound with one hand still pressing hard against her wounded side.

    (Crew): You say, "And Kitrana?"

    Kitrana sockets a qpc and a last load of scrap into their turret before booking it towards the compound.

    (Crew): You say, "The combination of explosions, fires and a loudly attacking turret persuades a majority of the darters to retreat with the corpses of the dead Krel. Those that refuse are swiftly slain as you make your way to the compound and meet up with the other two."

    As the trio make their way into the compound, Juno seeks out a point of entry, following the sounds of the screaming captives.

    Vaxis moves to take the INR, and the gauntlet before immediately moving to seek out a comm terminal to disable any cloning bays in the facility and to disable the shock collars, biting down another scream as he releases his connection to the conqueror, letting his mind settle onto his task.

    (Crew): You say, "Once reunited, it is a simple matter to seize control over the station. No cloning bays are in evidence. Only two questions remain at this point, the first of which is what to do with the Nusriza. At present, all of the Uleoes are unconscious - Dyjak from the kith assault on his mind, and the other three from the now-disabled shock collars."

    (Crew): Juno says, "On Comms: Bring them to justice under Ascendancy law."

    (Crew): Juno says, "On Comms: Bring them to justice under Ascendancy law."

    (Crew): Kitrana says, "On comms: agreed."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "On Comms: Agreed. Considering the circumstances of hostages, they probably won't throw the book at him."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Ooc: Aren't the slaves still on the premises?"

    (Crew): You say, "Yes, but you're obviously evacuating them right?"

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "Yes."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Yes. Just making sure."

    (Crew): Vaxis says, "What's the other question that remains?"

    (Crew): You say, "What happened to the Star Grifter and the fourth of the Krel guards who were supposed to be on this station? When the evacuation transport arrives, the ship you arrived on is missing."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Ok so the station is under our control, no more attackers that we can see, correct?"

    (Crew): You say, "Correct!"

    (Crew): You say, "That's pretty much the end of it. I'll have a follow up post in the AAA clan (ie. the place this was organized) soon, but if there's any thing else you want in the log speak now."

    (Crew): Juno says, "Sooooo, let's call AAA and get transport back."

    (Crew): Keinna says, "Sounds good. Gotta find a datashard to start getting all this down on."

    (Crew): You say, "Definitely. You're picked up by a Celestine transport craft."

    Juno says to Keinna, "You alright, systems healing that wound or do you need something extra?"

    (Crew): You say, "The slaves themselves are brought back to Litharge for medical care and rehabilitation. Physically, there's nothing that wetwiring can't fix. Mentally... it's been a harrowing experience for them and the road to psychological recovery is a long one."

    Keinna says to Juno, "Eh, I'll be fine. Nothing kith and wetwiring can't handle."
  • Noice. Also amusing how celestine got a ministry of roleplaying now.
  • I'd say it's less a ministry dedicated to the roleplaying and more that they are making up story arcs and implementing them from within to support and grow the current 'ministries' they're creating. It's been a lot of fun to be part of!
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