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Announcements post #56: Promo chests, promo market and hoverbikes!

<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Promo chests, promo market and hoverbikes!

Greetings Starmourners!

We've rotated some of the stock available in this month's promo chests to make way for some great new items. While you will still find the ship customization datashards within the chests (as they are this month's theme) it is now time to make way for our new stars: HOVERBIKES!
Yes, that is right, time to meet our new VEHICLE system. These are the beauties you might uncover smuggled within the paristeel chests:

- an overgrown Theia RT-X hovercycle
- a wing-painted Cloudloft 900 hoverbike
- a flashy Gladiator LE9 hoverbike
- a black and chrome Maddoxson hoverbike
- a skull-bumpered Maddoxson hoverbike
- a low-slung Dreadlight hoverbike
- a neon Dreadlight speeder
- an aqua-hued Finlite speeder

Interaction with these sweet rides is done through the new VEHICLE verb and it will be the base of all commands going forward with the vehicle system. Except looking really awesome while mounted atop one of these beauties, you will find that you can move much faster through the outdoor environments of the world.

Joining the hoverbikes in the pool of items are the following complementary goodies:

- an understated leesa dispenser : this fancy metal box will generate 3 leesa joints every day that you can enjoy at your leisure. Simply PUSH the dispenser to get your fix

- concentrated alcohol dispenser : allows you to SPIKE <drink> and turn all those boring non-alcoholic drinks into something more exciting (This is an artifact power that may also be purchased separately at any time)

- a messaging drone : this tiny little drone can be easily programmed to deliver an anonymous message to anyone that is currently online. Simply PUSH <recipient> <message> to send them your thoughts. 15 minute cooldown

- marks log expander : for the industrious shopkeeper, this artifact power will expand your marks log by 5 lines. Stackable. (This is an artifact power that may also be purchased separately at any time)

You may now also gain random weapon or armor drops suitable to your level when opening a chest and the guaranteed artie drop chest can now also contain a Hyperscanner.

That's all for the goodies, but that's not all for this announcement. We understand that some of you might have gotten quite a lot of things from our promotions that you wish you could trade away. And now you can, through the PROMO MARKET!
Most promotional items earned over the last few months may now be sold through the PROMO MARKET (simply do PROMO to see the whole syntax). Pets, however, are not included in this!

Note: When selling, you can only set the price in marks and there is a 5% market fee for any transaction.

Also, you'd do well to check the PROMO MARKET LIST often as good deals from random smugglers have been known to crop up every now and then. I hear there's even hoverbikes for sale at the moment!

Have an excellent day!</pre>


  • FYI: There seems to be a bug with the flavor messages for the bikes that currently happens only on Nexus. I will fix it after some sleep!
  • Would you kindly share the descriptions for the bikes?
  • edited May 2019
    On PROMO a few additional requests

    1) PROMO MARKET PROBE <item>

    i think given costs involved it is better to gate the buying behind an second level agreement so people do not mistakenly buy the wrong item

    list all your items on market

    list all owned promo items

    5) PROMO MARKET LIST <search>
    search by string 

    list items anonymously but you lose 10% instead of usual 5% in trading costs

    7) HELP PROMO should point to PROMO commands

    8) VEHICLES should list the DISMOUNT command
  • I would like to request that we be able to LOOK at items on the promo market list before buying - There were a few items I was considering purchasing, but I couldn't be sure if I really wanted them or not because I couldn't see exactly what they looked like, or how they functioned.

    PROMO MARKET LOOK <ID> to bring up the description?
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