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What we're working on - Faction Engagement Missions

May is halfway done and we've been hard at work with the systems we promised during our Development Update and in the Roadmap. We've completed the Modding overhaul, released shopfront improvements, done some tweaking to Cosmpiercers (still more to go there, that will be a lengthy process), a new event is unfolding around the Bushraki of Oldtown and more.

Now let's talk a bit about one of the systems currently under development: Daily Faction Tasks.

The revamped station missions are now working in a way that is a lot closer to our vision and bring about a sense that your actions help the community (faction, in this case) that you are a part of. But we believe we can do more with this concept. Our Faction tasks system will allow you to participate in a wider range of activities that will bring about global bonuses for your faction for the remainder of the IG month. You will be able to choose a task from a set of general categories, fulfill that task and obtain a "reward point". That "reward point" will then be spent to give everyone in your faction a certain bonus.
I am avoiding to give concrete names to the "devices" and "reward points" since we have not 100% settled upon their names, but let us look at some of the possible task categories you will have access to (more will be added down the line) :
- Kill quests (you will be tasked to kill and retrieve samples from certain lifeforms in the Sector. This is aimed at high level players)
- Economy tasks (fulfill a certain number of market orders)
- Commodity tasks
- Space Incursion participation

So what can you do with your reward points? Well you can spend them on giving your faction bonuses to experience gains (normal, hacking or captaincy), damage while hunting, stats, etc. While an individual bonus isn't huge, they will certainly add up if everyone pitches in to perform these tasks.

More details and samples will be given as the system gets built, so stay tuned!

Oh...we're also working on some awesome updates to our promotion and promo systems and putting in some of the things you all have requested (trading, to be more exact)! This is all quite exciting!
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